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Industry: Construction
Name: Matthew | Anthony | Timothy
Position: Constructor | Cost Engineer | Registered Architect
Daily Use PDF FIles: Drawings | Quote | Contracts | Budgets
| Invoice | Business Documents

A mid-tier civil engineering firm, ALCONS ENGINEERING Ltd. provides civil engineering services across different local projects. With governmental projects and such services in the notice, they had to set up and manage different documents related to the project. However, there were some particular issues related to documentation management that were addressed by the company authorities.

The only thing that comes in between a project and success is work efficiency. That is when Bogdan, their Project Manager, came up with the idea of sharing PDFelement as a productive remedy. He states his responsibilities as "I generally research new software that might be useful and present it to upper management. I oversee the acquisition process.

We have more time to do tasks that matter and bring value instead of grunt work.

convert dwg to pdf
Bogdan Project Manager

In my daily work, I use the Form tools to fill out a form quickly for more efficient invoicing and contracts. I also extract a single page for a physical signature and insert it back into the main document.

extract pdf data
Elisa Cost Engineer

Convert PDF budgets into Excel for calculation by converting to excel, saving significant time.

convert pdf to excel
Timothy Registered Architect
lgms review lgms review

The Challenge

heavy manual work

Lots of Manual Work

Manual document processing procedures like scanning, extracting, replacing, and printing is too time-consuming.

ineffective solution

Ineffective Solutions

Our long search for a software that could effectively manage the company's documentation has been long and tiring.

difficult document encryption

Marking and Hiding Documents a Challenge

Manually marking and hiding information from a printed document was challenging. Hiding document encryptions and signatures was too time-consuming.

What Solutions Do PDFelement Offer?

PDFelement provides a full-range od PDF and document management solutions.

pdf solution edit pdf

Edit, Convert and Annotate PDFs.

pdf solution combine pdf

Combine, Organize and Print PDFs.

pdf solution extract pdf data

OCR, Batch Numbers, Extract PDF Data.

pdf solution
pdf solution edit pdf
pdf solution combine pdf
pdf solution extract pdf data

Some of the Results Achieved

combine documents effciently

Combine Documents on
PDFelement Effortlessly

Instead of manually combining PDF files which can be time-consuming, PDFelement's "Combine" feature does that with a simple click.

simple bates numbering

Bates Numbering Now Simple
Like Adding Bullet Points

With PDFelement, users can easily add unique numeric or alphanumeric identifiers to their documentation pages. Users can quickly add bates numbering to batch documents.

easy file management

File Management
a Breeze

PDFelement provides a distinctive set of features to help users effectively manage documents. Where your employees would waste time setting up project files, PDFelement makes editing, copying, deleting, and inserting files a cakewalk.

More Customer Success

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One-stop PDF Solution to Simplify Document Workflow

One-stop PDF Solution to Simplify Document Workflow

Reduce document processing time by 30%.

Edupad Education Streamlined Document Workflow by Getting 80% Faster Results with PDFelement

Edupad Education Streamlined Document Workflow by Getting 80% Faster Results with PDFelement

Save more than 100K USD and get 80% faster results.

Students Taking Online Courses Make Their Studies Efficient with PDFelement

Students Taking Online Courses Make Their Studies Efficient with PDFelement

One-stop PDF solution simplifies the class workflow.