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How to Add Audio to Google Slides

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: Google Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

You are sitting in an office and have a presentation to complete for the next meeting to have it presented to the board for the approval of the new product. For such detailed presentations, many of you would prefer adding something creative that would be both good for the eyes and the ears. Thus, the use of audios and videos has been considered an imperative element of addition throughout the presentations. This article presents you with a guide on how to add audio to Google Slides, a popular slide creator and editor.

How to Add Audio to Google Slides

Google Slides has developed its fame as a very prolific platform for producing and editing slides. As compared to using desktop applications such as PowerPoint, Google Slides have presented their impressive and flexible feature set that makes it possible for users to work on it without even having it installed on the computer. Adding different audios and other media files have been considered as a profitable and creative addition. Thus, this article explains how to insert audio into Google Slides in detail.

Step 1. Upload the Audio File

The platform requires you to save your media files on Google Drive before uploading it. This is because Google Slides do not accept any other source of file import.

add audio to google slides

Step 2. Open the File in Google Slides

After uploading the audio, you need to open the file on Google Slides to proceed with the addition of audio into the presentation. Navigate to the position where the specific audio is to be added. Then access the "Insert" > "Audio" option.

add audio to google slides

Step 3. Add the Audio

Select the audio from Google Drive, and then an icon representing a speaker appears on the specific position of the slide. You can click on the icon to play the audio.

add audio to google slides

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How to Add Audio to PDF

Using PDFelement for adding audio is a very simple task to execute. While you understand the methods explaining how to insert audio in Google Slides, PDFelement can also be effectively used to embed audio files directly into a PDF rather than going through different protocols. The following guide explains how to add audio files on to a PDF by following a series of straightforward steps.

Step 1. Import the File

After you are done with a successful installation of the platform, it is important to import the file that is to be amended.

open pdf

Step 2. Access the Edit Option

Navigate the “Edit” tab present on the top of the toolbar and select the button showing the option of “Link” in the sub-menu.

add comments

Step 3. Add Audio to PDF

Draw the rectangle across the position where you wish to add the audio link. After drawing a rectangle, a new window opens up where you can set the options of the link. Tap on “Open a File” on the window to access the file on clicking.

add audio to pdf

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