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How to Use Adobe Acrobat Standard DC Alternative

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Adobe famously invented the PDF file format in the early 1990s to help individuals and businesses deal with digital files easily and conveniently. Since then PDF files have been used to share information and data across different software and hardware platforms. For a long time, Adobe Acrobat was the only application people could use to view and edit their PDF files until Adobe opened up the PDF standard for competitors.

With all the features that come with Acrobat Standard DC, one might wonder why any other PDF fool out there exists. For all its features and tweaks, this application can be quite difficult to use. Finding the simplest of functions such as annotations, PDF conversion, and OCR can be an uphill task. Plus, being a premium offering from Adobe, Acrobat Standard DC is too expensive. Here will be best alternative to Adobe Acrobat Standard DC - Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor.

It is one of those PDF tools that combine affordability, simplicity, and efficiency with an easy-to-use platform. PDFelement allows users to view, edit, and print PDF files across different platforms, including Mac, Windows, and iOS. You can use PDFelement to edit the size and type of fonts, conduct spellchecking, and use OCR to make scanned files editable and searchable.

adobe acrobat standard

It can also be used to convert PDF files to Office files, images, eBooks, and HTML pages easily and quickly using the inbuilt batch processing system. You can also create PDF files from these file formats without the need for a third-party app.

You can add Bates numbers, headers, footers, split and extract pages from PDF files, merge multiple pages into a single PDF file, and even add passwords for your most confidential files. PDFelement will also let users add stamps, markups, comments, sticky notes, digital signatures, and other annotations and share edited documents with other users via the cloud. Plus, unlike Acrobat Standard DC, you will only have to pay a one-off fee for PDFelement. You can check the comparison below.

Comparison of PDFelement and Adobe Acrobat

Product Features
PDFelementDownload Download
Acrobat Standard DC
adobe acrobat standard dc

How to Edit PDF Documents with Acrobat Standard DC Alternative

It's quite simple to edit your PDF files with PDFelement. If you haven't installed it yet, that is also quite easy. Simply go to the Wondershare website, navigate to the PDFelement page, and choose to download for either your Mac or Windows PC. You don't even have to pay upfront to download the app – you can download the app as a free trial version before buying it.

Installation should also not take more than a few minutes. Once the application has been installed, launch it and follow the following steps to edit your PDF documents.

Step 1: Import your PDF Document

Once the application launches, select the option "Open File" located at the left side of the screen. Navigate through your computer to locate the file and click "Open" once you find it.

adobe acrobat xi pro

Step 2: Using OCR

If your file is in scanned form or is stored in form of an image, PDFelement will automatically prompt you to activate OCR to enable you to manipulate the contents of your document.

adobe acrobat x standard

Step 3: Edit Text

On the upper menu of the application window, select "Edit" to activate the editing module. Here, you will be able to insert, delete, and modify text. You can change the type, color, and size of your text, add subscripts and superscripts, and other editing functions.

adobe acrobat standard

Step 4: Save file

Once you are comfortable with the edits on the document, remember to save the changes before exiting. Click on the save icon on the upper left corner of the window. Or click on the "File" tab on the top menu bar, select "Save As" and choose a folder to save. You can also choose another file format if you want to convert the PDF into another format.

adobe acrobat xi standard

Tips: How to Use Acrobat Standard DC

Together with Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Acrobat Standard is the only other application from Adobe used to view and edit PDF files on desktop computers.

what is adobe acrobat

Adobe Acrobat Standard is a premium PDF tool from Adobe that enables users to perform a wide variety of tasks on PDF files that wouldn't be possible with free versions from Adobe. Some of the main features of Acrobat Standard include PDF creation, editing, and sharing via the cloud and through Adobe's online service. Users can also insert digital signatures, add passwords, and make scanned documents searchable and editable.

However, according to the blog of Adobe, Acrobat XI will be EOL on October 15, 2017, which means there will be no more security and product updates, bug fixing, and no more customer support. Although, you can keep using the program , but you'll have to face the fact that it'll cost more money and time of the program downtime. More importantly, your file and data might be insecure due to lack of protection. That's why you should choose you Adobe Acrobat alternative now.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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