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"Are there some free Mac PDF editor available? Or how can I choose the right PDF editor for Mac? " Following are the introductions of top 10 commonly used PDF editor for Mac, which completely compatible with the latest macOS 10.14 Mojave, hoping to help you choose a more suitable and cost-effective Mac PDF editing software.

Top 10 PDF Editor for Mac

1. PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac, focuses on PDF documents solution with a variety of convenient and practical features integrated with editing, conversion, annotation, OCR, form processing and signature.

It is an all-rounder among PDF editing software therefor it's favored and appreciated by numerous European and American users. PDFelement for Mac has left a large number of competitors behind and become the commanding elevation point among the same industry with its excellent form field recognition and data extraction technology.

pdf editor mac

Unique Features:

  • Full compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave.
  • Powerful PDF editing and annotation tools, smooth working like never before.
  • Robust PDF creating and converting.
  • Fill and sign PDF forms easily.


Clear function classification, complete PDF tools, allows recognition on scanned documents and batch processing, high compatibility, simple operation, allows document conversions.


Currently, it works well and very smooth.

Supported Systems: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Price: $59.95

More Introduction:

  • Brand new interface design
    The full functionalities can be shared by Windows and Mac users.
  • Better experience on PDF form
    The automatic form recognition feature enables you to create an editable form with one click.
  • PDF data editing
    It enables you to export the data of paper form or electronic form to an editable Excel form.
  • More intelligent, more convenient, more smooth on editing
    Better PDF editing experiences, keep the original font and format of the file.
  • iSO standard PDF / A It can convert standard PDF file format to longer-lasting PDF / A format for purpose of a longer archiving period.

2. Acrobat for Mac

Following Acrobat DC, Acrobat is also powerful. As the success of the world's best desktop PDF solution, the brand new look Acrobat will be completely beyond your imagination. It also supports mobile version to fill in, sign and share PDFs on any devices. Also, Adobe Acrobat XI has ended support on October 15, 2017. That means you have to choose the best acrobat alternative for further usage now. In this case, you can check here to find out the best Acrobat alternative.

Unique Features:

  • Fast document comparison
  • Supports operational procedures for review and approve
  • Form field automatic recognition
  • Create a PDF from Office format quickly


Stable functionality, high efficiency, professionalism, and compatibility.


In-depth hidden functions, not easy to use, bloated functions and high software cost.

Supported Systems: Windows, Mac, iOS

Price: $179.88 / Year

More Introduction:

  • An attractive user interface that supports touch functionality
    Fully compatible with mobile devices and supports touch functionality, with the good user-friendly interface to make the tools at your fingertips. - You even cannot imagine how the word was done without Acrobat previously.
  • Work anytime, anywhere
    Acrobat has all the tools needed for converting, editing and signing a PDF therefore it can be used anytime, anywhere. You may start a document at your workplace, modify it on the train and then send it for approval in your living room - Seamless, simple, without hesitation.
  • Edit any file in any time
    From now on, you do not have to spend your valuable time re-creating new documents. Simply use the existing content in the paper or PDF files as a start point and modify in PDF, or export to Microsoft Office format.

3. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is one of Readdle's premium Apps. It has been the leading product of PDF processing software on iOS platform in the past. Since the launch of PDF Expert on the Mac platform in 2015, it has become the best application on Mac App Store in 2015 and has been recommended by Apple editors for long period of time.

Unique Features:

  • Fast speed page organization function
  • Fluent in adding annotations and editing
  • Simple text and image editing functions
  • Flat processing of PDF


Good reading experience, simple operation and easy to use, good UI effect.


Less functional modules, lack of professionalism, PDF compatibility to be improved.

Supported Systems: Mac, iOS

Price: $59.99

More Introduction:

  • Professional reading
    Smooth scrolling, quick search, use of PDF expert is like floating clouds and flowing water from the moment you open the first file. Choose your favorite layout and complete the task quickly.
  • Editing PDF is just so easy
    PDF Expert for Mac helps you format the text and paragraphs easily. It will automatically detect the fonts. You will just feel like that you are editing a usual document when you editing a PDF. What else do you need?
  • Fill in a PDF form and sign a contract
    It enables you to easily fill in PDF forms, application forms, tax reports, shopping lists . You can sign a contract by using a legally valid personal signature with only several clicks.
  • Integration, sharing, collaboration
    Add notes, comments together with your customers and colleagues. It is a so convenient digital age! You can also use a password to protect your sensitive files and documents.
  • Interconnection on iPhone, iPad, Mac
    PDF Expert is compatible with full Apple platform products: Mac, iPad and iPhone. It allows you to transfer the documents across the devices seamlessly. Your work can be done anytime and anywhere.

Get the best PDF Expert alternative now - PDFelement for Mac: more features with same price.

4. PDFpenPro

PDFpenPro has made a more professional treatment to PDF based on Preview. It is fully compatible with macOS X for PDF documents. At the same time, it keeps original operation processing feature of Preview, which will fit more with user’s operating habits and is more convenient for a user to start to use. There are also functional enhancements on the functional modules. You can add signatures, texts and images and make changes, correct typo, and perform OCR on scan documents. It also allows you to fill and create fillable forms, and to convert PDF to Word, Excel and PowerPoint format.

Unique Features:

  • Simple operation on form field creation
  • Intuitive setting operation on annotation properties


It meets basic needs of PDF editing and the operating experience is close to Preview.


Chinese language not supported, weak text editing capability, weak page operating experience.

Unique Features: Mac, iOS

Price: $124.95

More Introduction:

  • Generic PDF editing tools
    You can use PDFpenPro to add text and signature, amend text, and use OCR for scanned documents and so on.
  • Make interactive PDF forms for Mac and Windows
    You may create an interactive form by using check boxes, text boxes, radio buttons, and interactive signature fields and also submit buttons.
  • Exports MS Office format and PDF file format
    It allows you to export a PDF to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and save as a PDF/A format.
  • Store the PDF in cloud
    You can edit your PDF at any time. You may use PDFpen of an iPad or iPhone to edit a PDF seamlessly over the iCloud or Dropbox.

5. Preview

As a system built-in file preview software on Mac platform, Preview allows not only limited to read and browse PDF formats but also to make simple annotations. It can meet your primary requirement of reading and editing PDFs. But if you need a professional PDF processing, Preview is not suitable enough. You may need to configure more professional PDF processing software.


System build-in, more preview formats, can read file fluently.


Poor compatibility, lack of professional functions and PDF content is unable to be edited.

Supported Systems: Mac

Price: Free

More Introduction:

  • Quick annotation
  • You may quickly drag and create thumbnails
  • The camera is able to recognize handwritten signatures quickly. (It is highly recommended to use)

Learn more about Preview here >>

6. Skim

Skim is a free Mac PDF editor. It functions like Preview. It offers markup tools that help users to highlight important PDF content, add and edit notes, crop PDF files, etc.

Skim is a free Mac PDF editor. It functions like Preview. It offers markup tools that help users to highlight important PDF content, add and edit notes, crop PDF files, etc.

  • View PDF files.
  • Add and edit notes.
  • Highlight text.
  • Take snapshots of PDF files.
  • Give presentations with built-in transitions.

However, get best alternative to Skim now.

7. PDF Nomad

PDF Nomad is unique editing software that provides a number of editing tools. The software supports the editing of images and texts in PDFs. It also allows you to arrange, split, and merge PDF pages in a document. Some of the tools in this software also make it easier for you to rotate, scale, and crop PDF files.


  • It can be used to edit all aspects of PDF files including images.
  • It comes with an Optical character recognition (OCR) feature that makes editing scanned PDFs very easy.
  • You can use it to annotate a PDF document.


  • The free version lacks many of the more useful features and at $75 the pro version is expensive.

8. Mater PDF Editor for Mac

Master PDF Editor is PDF editing software for Mac that comes with loads of features allowing you to convert PDF to numerous other file types and edit just about any aspect of the PDF document.


  • It can be used to edit both text and images.
  • You can convert PDFs to other formats including Word and Excel.
  • Works with Linux.


  • Complex interface makes it difficult to us.
  • The free version has limited capability.

9. Scribus for Mac

Scribus is free PDF editing software for Mac that can be used to open PDFs and even edit certain aspects of the PDF document. it is one of the easiest to use of all those we have seen mostly because the user interface is simple and clean. You can also use it to annotate PDF documents, highlighting and editing sections of the document you consider important.

Scribus is free PDF editing software for Mac that can be used to open PDFs and even edit certain aspects of the PDF document. it is one of the easiest to use of all those we have seen mostly because the user interface is simple and clean. You can also use it to annotate PDF documents, highlighting and editing sections of the document you consider important.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • Can be used to edit both text and images.


  • It cant be used to convert PDFs.

10. PDF Buddy

This is another online tool that can be very useful when you want to edit PDF documents. This PDF editing software for Mac comes with a lot of features that can be used to manipulate a PDF document in many ways. You can add text, add and remove images and even split and merge PDF files. It can also be used to add signatures to the PDF document.


  • It is completely free to use.
  • It can be used to make numerous changes to PDF files.
  • There is no limit to the size of PDF file you can work with.


  • It can sometimes fail to download the file after editing.

Don't hesitate to have a free try of PDFelement for Mac now!

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