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How to Convert PDF to HTML5

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Converting PDF to HTML5 has many advantages, as this article will show. However, to convert a PDF file to HTML5 code, you need a solid tool to do the job. It can be an offline software application or an online PDF to HTML5 converter, but make sure it has advanced conversion options and a reliable conversion engine. A PDF to HTM5 converter online will allow you the freedom of doing the conversion from anywhere as long as you have a stable and fast Internet connection. On the other hand, a downloadable application - Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor gives you the advantage of security because the file and its contents aren't transmitted to other devices, thereby exposing them to being hacked. You can even convert PDF to HTML5 free as long as you don't mind the watermark that's added to the output file. Here are a couple of methods you can use to generate HTML5 code from a source PDF document, as well as several advantages of sharing your content as a web-friendly and responsive format.

Method 1: How to Convert PDF to HTML5 with an Accurate and Powerful Conversion Engine

PDFelement carries all the powerful features of its predecessors but with enhanced performance in terms of conversion accuracy and speed. In addition to doing PDF to HTML5 conversions, it offers a wide range of PDF management capabilities that include editing, annotations, protection, managing PDF forms, performing OCR on scanned PDFs, and more.

To convert PDF to HTML5, download and install the PDF editor on Windows or Mac. You even have iOS and Android apps for PDF management, but this section references PDFelement for Windows 10 and earlier versions. Once you're ready, follow the steps as outlined below:

Step 1. Download the PDF to HTML5 Converter

Click the "Free Download" button and click "Save" on the left corner of your explorer. Install and run the program on your computer.

Step 2. Open the PDF file

You can do this by dragging the PDF document onto the software window or just use the "Open files" option you see on the home page.

convert pdf to html5

Step 3. Convert PDF to HTML5

In the "Convert" tab, which you can navigate to by clicking it, then click the "More" button you should be able to see an option for HTML. This is the same option as for HTML5 so go ahead and click on it.

pdf to html5 converter

Step 4. Save PDF as HTML5

For the final step, click "Save" in the "Save As" window that pops up after you confirm any additional settings.

What you get as your output file is essentially the HTML5 version of your PDF content. You'll notice that the rendering is near-perfect with PDFelement. You no longer have to wonder how to easily convert PDF to HTML5 in seconds.

pdf to html5 free

While the powerful conversion engine in PDFelement takes control of your document transformation needs, the software is essentially a highly capable and affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat DC and Pro DC. This relative affordability doesn't come at the cost of features or performance; on the contrary, PDFelement matches Adobe Acrobat equivalent feature for feature, while offering faster conversions and batch processes as well as more accurate rendering during conversion to and from PDF. Here's an overview of some things you can do with this robust PDF editor:

  • Edit PDFs with ease using the comprehensive and intuitive tools provided.
  • Create PDFs from other file types and even combine multiple file types into a single PDF document.
  • Annotate PDFs with confidence using a wide range of tools that include highlighting, notes, shapes, text callouts, and other review/comment elements.
  • Secure PDF documents using password encryption, watermarks, and redaction.
  • Create, Fill and Sign forms with an impressive suite of form-handling features.
  • Perform accurate OCR on scanned PDF documents and convert them to editable and searchable content without changing the file type.
  • Execute a range of batch processes quickly and accurately.

Method 2: How to Convert PDF to HTML5 Online Free

If you're looking for a PDF to HTML5 converter online, Hipdf is the tool for you. It's actually a service comprising several modules for "To and From PDF" conversions as well as other frequently used PDF actions such as OCR and page management, among others. All you need to do is reproduce these steps on your own computer.

  • 1. Open a browser tab and proceed to the HiPDF PDF to HTML conversion module.
  • 2. Drag your file to the browser tab and drop it to upload the PDF. You can also click the "Choose File" option or import from a connected cloud account like Dropbox or OneDrive.
  • 3. Click "Convert". After the conversion is complete, hit "Download" or directly transfer the output HTML5 file to a connected cloud storage service.
pdf to html5 converter online

Tips: What is HTML5 and What are Its Advantages

Now, let's look at the HTML5 format itself and some of its key benefits.

HTML5 is essentially an evolved version of the older HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language.) HTML5 seeks to bring HTML to life by making it dynamic. Normal HTML is a static form that controls fixed elements of a web page, like the position of an image or the footer layout. HTML5, on the other hand, combines dynamic elements such as audio, video and other interactive components that are required for modern web design.

HTML5 also offers the following advantages over traditional HTML:

  • Leverages web SQL databases instead of the browser's cache for temporary data storage.
  • Directly supports vector graphics, which means you don't require Flash, Silverlight, or another markup language like VML.
  • Allows JavaScript to run in the browser rather than the interface thread.

From a non-technical perspective, HTML5 offers these advantages:

  • The language itself supports interactive components like video and audio, which makes it easier to include such content in your web pages.
  • Geolocation is now much simpler, so you immediately know where your traffic is coming from.
  • Supported by all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc., meaning you can reach a wider audience with your web content.
  • Most of all, HTML 5 is future-ready.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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