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How to Add Subscript to Google Docs

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Sometimes words in your Google Docs need small letters or numbers at the bottom (subscript), especially for chemical formulas, mathematical text, or simple things like dates. There are three ways you can add subscripts in Google Docs. You can use the main menu system, the keyboard shortcuts, or the special characters chart.

How to Add Subscript to Google Docs

Method 1. Using the Format Option

Step 1. Highlight the text you want to be converted to subscript.

Step 2. Select the "Format" tab from the toolbar, and then select the "Text" > "Subscript" option.

 add subscripts in google docs

This action can be done for a single character or a whole line of text. The character or line of text will be converted to a subscript. You will mostly use it for single characters. The whole line subscript formatting is commonly used in adding comments at the bottom of a page or under a paragraph.

Method 2. Using Special Character

Step 1. Place your mouse in the text that you want to add a subscript and then click the "Insert" > "Special Character" option.

 add subscripts in google docs

Step 2. Now, a new window pops up, and then you can select the "Subscript" option to choose any character you like.

 add subscripts in google docs

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How to Add Superscript and Subscript in PDF

Step 1. Upload the PDF File

Download and launch PDFelement on your desktop. Then upload the PDF file by clicking the “Open File” option.

open PDF

Step 2. Activate Editing Mode

The default editing function is normally inactive. After uploading the file, you need to click the "Edit" > Edit text and image object" button. Then you can select the text in the document to execute the editing command.

edit text in pdf

Step 3. Insert Subscript or Superscript in PDF

The superscript and subscript function will be enabled upon activating the editing function. Select the characters in your document that you want to be converted to subscript or superscript. Click on either the subscript or superscript icons, and your subscript and superscript will be instantly created.

add subscript in pdf

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