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Top 5 Ways to Free Up iPhone/iPad Space on iOS 14

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: iOS Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

As you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 14, you need to consider the amount of space that is required for installation. After updating to iOS 14, you must also check on the storage memory so that your iPhone can perform well with a new operating system. So, if you need more space for iOS 14 update, there are certain ways to do so as indicated in this article. They also apply in freeing up a lot of space on your iOS 14 iPhone.

How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad on iOS 14

If you need more space for iOS 14 update, check the available space. Go to Settings, access General utility, hit Usage and tap Manage Storage. Check the Used and Available numbers. To free more space;

1. Clear Cache

One of the most effective ways to free up iOS 14 space on an iPhone is by clearing cache.

To delete cache in Safari use the following steps;

  • Access Settings and go down to the 5th group of options (starting with Password & Accounts). There choose Safari.
  • Scroll downwards and hit the Clear History and Website Data option.
  • A pop-up will appear, whereby you should choose Clear History and Data for confirmation.

This action will log you out of the website that you are currently signed to.

If you using Chrome for iOS, you can also clear cache by;

  • Opening the application; Chrome
  • Select the three dots on the bottom right corner, then hit the History utility
  • Choose Clear Browsing Data to wipe all cache, or Edit to erase specific sites.

if you need more space for ios 14 update

2. Delete Unnecessary App Data

Data stored in applications on your iPhone do take a lot of space. Cleaning out this data is another effective way to free up space on your iPhone or iPad on iOS 14. To do this;

  • Select Settings from your Home screen, and go to General and then to iPhone Storage/iPad Storage
  • You will find the apps at the bottom of the screen, which are arranged by the amount of storage they consume. Choose an app that is taking too much space
  • Go and check the figure for Documents & Data, such as podcasts, pictures, songs, saved games and preferences.
  • If you find that the Documents & Data figure is above 500MB, and you are ready to lose the said files, proceed by deleting and reinstalling the application to free up space on an iOS 14 iPhone that’s running low on storage.
  • Simply hit the Delete App option, confirm and go to the App Store to re-download it. This will allow you to acquire a smaller and cleaner application that is just about 319KB.

free up ios 14 space on an iphone

3. Focus on the Apps You Don’t Use

Applications that you hardly use take up space unnecessarily, and so you can either delete or offload them to free up iOS 14 space on an iPhone. You can find these apps on the device storage page; this is easier than locating them on your home screens where apps are scattered and bunched into folders.

Deleting unused apps

To free up a lot of space on your iOS 14 iPhone by deleting these apps;

  • Tap on them and choose the option Delete App. This process should not discourage you because they are always available for re-download at no extra cost at App Store.
  • If you choose to delete from the home screen; place your finger on the respective app you need to delete and hold.
  • The apps will jiggle and a small X will appear. Tap the X and confirm deletion.
  • To return to normal and stop the jiggling of apps, press the Home button on devices that have it, or hit Done on the top right if available.

Offloading unused apps

If you would rather disable an application temporarily instead of deleting it, Apple allows you offload them if you need more space for iOS 14 update. Offloading means that they will remain on your Home screen, but will require re-downloading to get back in.

To offload an application;

  • Locate the application on the storage list
  • Select it and then hit Offload App.

Alternatively, you can set up the automatic removals of apps that you don’t use often;

  • Go to Settings and hit the General option.
  • Choose iPhone Storage and choose Offload Unused Apps
  • Hit Enable.

4. Check Photo and Video Use

iPhone and iPad users like taking a lot of photos and videos, and so the Photos app may take up a lot of space. To confirm how much storage Photos is using;

  • Got to Settings
  • Tap and General and hit iPhone Storage or iPad Storage.

If the space occupied is more than 1GB, it is advisable to copy the photos and videos to cloud storage service to get the off your device and thus free up iOS 14 space on an iPhone.

Using Google Photos is highly recommendable if you have a Google account; simply download the application and sign in and then choose the Hamburger menu (). Note that Google offers unlimited photo storage via Google Photos, but only if you agree to compress photos to 16MP.

Now, focus on automatically backing up every photo to Google Photos when you are online. First ensure that Google Photos has access to Photos;

  • Go to Settings
  • Hit Google Photos and then choose Photos.

Now, proceed with initiating backup and sync;

  • Go back to Settings and choose Back up & sync
  • Now toggle Back up & sync and turn it ON.

free up a lot of space on your ios 14 iphone

5. Remove Unwanted Music

There is no need to stored unwanted videos, and audio tracks on your iPhone. So, it is advisable to free up a lot of space on your iOS 14 iPhone by removing such multimedia content. You can delete video and audio files using two methods; from Settings and from within the application.

From Settings

  • Go to Settings and access General
  • Go to iPhone Storage/ iPad Storage and select Music
  • Access the bottom area and you will find a summary of all the songs and albums you have stored on your phone.
  • Delete the tracks or albums that you don’t listen to by swiping Left.
  • You may also use the Edit function to delete multiple tracks and albums in one shot.

From within the App

  • Open the Music application
  • Go to the Library and hit Downloaded Music. You will find music that is stored locally and consuming excess space.
  • To delete an entire album, press on it and hit the Delete from Library option in the pop-up menu.
  • To delete specific songs, press on each and hit Remove option in the pop-up menu.

free up space on your iphone or ipad on ios 14

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