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How to Check iPhone Battery Health on iOS 14

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2023-04-13 17:06:35 • Filed to: iOS 14 tips • Proven solutions

Although modern lithium ion batteries in Apple devices are energy-dense, charge quickly and rarely explode, they are not perfect. So, you need to keep checking the battery health on all your iOS 14 devices to know their status after multiple charging cycles. So, if you have an Apple phone, consider checking your iPhone’s battery health on iOS 14. It will let you know when it is good to go or in ancient status, and also when it is most appropriate to replace.

How to Check Your iPhone’s Battery Health on iOS 14

There are various ways to check an iPhone or iPads health and diagnostics on iOS 14, as shown below;

1. Check from the Settings

The Settings app can help you see how well your iPhone’s battery is doing.

  • Launch the Settings app and select Battery.
  • Wait for a moment and a number of graphs showing your battery’s level and activity over the past 24 hours/ 10 days appear.
  • Now hit the Battery Health option to get more details on its status.
  • Notice the Maximum Capacity option as it gives a good idea of whether or not your iPhone’s battery is in good health. The higher the percentage the better the health.
  • To confirm good health, the Peak Performance Capability option will claim that “Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance.”
  • If you get a message such as this one above, you can be confident that your iPhone will get you through many days.

check your iphone’s battery health on ios 14

2. Check from CoconutBattery App in your Computer

If you have a Mac computer, you can also use it to check your iPhone’s battery health on iOS 14 through a free Mac utility known as CoconutBattery. This is an application that not only checks the battery health of your Mac, but also your iPad and iPhone.

To check iPhone battery health on iOS 14 using CoconutBattery app;

    • Download CoconutBattery app if you don’t have it on your Mac
    • Plug your iPhone into your Mac using a lightning cable
    • Launch the CoconutBattery app and then hit the iOS Device option at the top

check iphone battery health on ios 14

  • You will see Current Charge status and Design Capacity that tells you the health of your iPhone’s battery.

check the battery health on all your ios 14 devices

If you are a Windows user, use iBackupBot instead, although it is not a free application. Go to Devices> iPhone>More Information and see CycleCount, DesignCapacity and FullChargeCapacity.

check an iphone or ipad’s health and disgnostics on ios 14

When to Replace an iPhone Battery on iOS 14

The battery health status from your iPhone report helps you in deciding whether you should replace the battery or not. However, the decision is completely up to you. If the battery longer performs adequately and you do not need iPhone replacement, simply replace the battery.

When checking your iPhone’s battery health on iOS 14 through the iPhone Settings, you may get the following notification.

This is an indication that your battery health is not good and so it is highly advisable to replace it.

After checking iPhone battery health on iOS 14 and noting the above, you may notice other signs that suggest the need to replace the iPhone battery. These include;

  • iPhone running slow
  • iPhone randomly crashing for no apparent reason
  • iPhone battery life dropping from 100% charge to almost zero over a few hours of activity

So, if you realize that your iPhone’s battery life is decline sharply and yet you require going longer between charges, it is probably time to replace the battery.

Replacing removable iPhone batteries

Replacing a removable battery is easy since you only need to purchase a replacement battery designed specifically for the specific type of iPhone. Simply power the device down and replace the bad battery with the new. Power it up again and you will now use a fresh battery with maximum capacity.

Replacing Irremovable iPhone batteries

However, some iPhones come with irremovable batteries, meaning that you cannot access the battery yourself. If you consider accessing it yourself, note that the process is not easy and you will definitely void your warranty.

So, the best option is to contact the manufacturer to replace the battery for you. In this case, take your iPhone or iPad to an Apple Store, pay the respective fee and have Apple staff do the rest safely for you.

check your iphone’s battery health on ios 14

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check iphone battery health on ios 14

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