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How to Copy a Slide in PowerPoint

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Creating a new PowerPoint presentation slide is a difficult task. Thereby, learning how to copy slides in PowerPoint is a plus to your skills. You can easily duplicate slides on the same or different PowerPoint presentations and make slight edits. This best suit presenter who frequently need to create and present different content. Learning how to easily copy animations and background on PowerPoint keeps them always ahead.

How to Copy a Slide in PowerPoint

How to copy slides from one PowerPoint to another is not a difficult process as perceived. What’s the most important is to have the basic skills to operate a computer. Thereby, experts and newbies can all try it out. You can copy slides from one PowerPoint presentation to another or within the same presentation. There are two common methods used; the Copy-Paste method and the Click Drag and drop method. Both methods apply to PowerPoint 2010 to newer versions.

• Method 1. Copy- Paste

Step 1. Open the two Presentations

Open the original and destination PowerPoint presentations on your computer.

copy a slide in ppt

Step 2.Open Original PowerPoint

On the original presentation, click the “View” option on the PowerPoint ribbon. Choose the “Arrange All” option under the “Window” group options.

copy a slide in ppt

Step 3. Copy the Slide

Proceed to the slides you want to copy under the slides pane. Right-click on the slide thumbnail to copy and select “Copy” on the menu.

copy a slide in ppt

Step 4. Paste the Slide

Open the destination PowerPoint presentation. Choose the area to paste the slide. This can be in between or at the end of other slides. Right-click on the area and select the paste options which are; use destination theme, use source formatting, or as a picture.

copy a slide in ppt

• Method 2. Click, Drag and Drop

In case you opt for a much simpler option, you can use the mouse. To drag from one presentation to another, you need both presentations open on the same screen. Using this method, there are no pasting options.

Step 1. Select and Drag Thumbnail

In the original presentation and under the “Slides pane”, choose the thumbnail of the slide.

copy a slide in ppt

Step 2. Paste Thumbnail to Target PowerPoint

Move the thumbnail to the destination PowerPoint slides pane position by dragging. You can position it as the first, in the middle or at the end of the presentation. The dragged thumbnail takes the destination format.

copy a slide in ppt

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How to Copy Text in PDF with PDFelement

PDFelement also offers you a simple way to convert your PowerPoint Presentation to other formats like Word, Excel without losing its format. Her is a guide on how to convert PowerPoint with PDFelement.

Step 1. Open the PDF File

Launch PDFelement and open the PDF document by clicking on "Open File".

open pdf

Step 2. Copy Text

Locate the appropriate content to copy once you upload the PDF file. To begin copying, click the ‘Edit” tab on the menu bar and then select the “Selection tool for text and images” icon. Proceed to select the text to copy. You can copy by “Right-clicking” on the selected text and choose “Copy Text” from the menu. Secondly, you can simultaneously press “Ctrl and C” after having selected the text.

ccopy text in pdf

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