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How to Insert Timer into PowerPoint

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2023-12-07 15:40:58 • Filed to: PowerPoint Tips • Proven solutions

If there’s a way to make PowerPoint as interesting as possible, it’s through the use of a PowerPoint timer. With the diverse animation tools in PowerPoint, you can have fun with your presentation and create as many diverse timers as you want. A PowerPoint countdown timer makes the most dramatic animation processes where the timer intervals are 5-1 seconds. So this article shows you how to add timer to PowerPoint.

How to Insert Timer into PowerPoint

Step 1. Create Timer Text Boxes

Open your PowerPoint file and go to the “Insert” > “Text Boxes” tab. Then you can add a text box and the number as well. You can do the rest the same way or copy the first one and paste and ensure the boxes are edited to reflect the 5-1 intervals ( or other that you want ).

add timer to ppt

Step 2. Add Animations

Click the text rectangular object with number "5", and go to the “Animations” > "Add Animation" tab and find the “Exit” option. At this point you can choose the desirable animation, such as “Wipe” or “Fade”. Do work on the rest of the 4-1 rectangles in their order and apply the desirable animation you selected, such as “Wipe”.

add timer to ppt

Step 3. Set the Timing

In “Rectangle 5” go for “Animations” and select “Timing”. Ensure that “Start” is set on “On Click” or other choice as you deem fit, “Duration” as 0.01 or other and “Delay” as just 01.00 (one second) or other. As you continue to embed timer in PowerPoint , again from the “Animation Pane” choose to set the other rectangles, this time round a little difference in the details, such as in “Timing” where “Start” can be “After Previous” and the “Duration” as “Auto” with the “Delay” as 01.00 or other.

add timer to ppt

Step 4. Check the Timer

Once you have added the timer in PowerPoint, you can go to “Slide Show” and select “From Current Slide” to start the countdown.

add timee to ppt

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create pdf forms

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