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5 Best Video Conferencing Hardware

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2024-04-02 16:20:04 • Filed to: Software for Reseller • Proven solutions

Video Conference has become an integral part of businesses everywhere. Statistics show that more and more people are choosing video conference instead of traditional meeting room. Video conference allows you to set up a meeting with anyone from anywhere. For that effective communication you need the right video conferencing hardware.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the best video conferencing hardware. We’ve done an extensive and thorough research to show you the best devices you can use for business video conference.

Top 5 Video Conferencing Hardware

1. Cisco Webex DX Series

Cisco is one of the most recognizable companies in the world. It is also the most widespread in terms of video conference units. Some of the features include one-button meeting entry, camera flexibility, intuitive Cisco Webex Room operating system and more.

You can use one of the two models, the Webex DX70 and DX80. They come in 14-inches and 23-inches, and both are built as an all-in-one desktop collaboration hub. They deliver HD video and audio, and they can replace your phone setup.

You can say that the Cisco Webex DX series is the best for individual video conferencing hardware.

video conferencing hardware

2. Logitech Conference Cam

Logitech is also among the most recognizable brands in terms of hardware. They have everything you need for a successful cheap video conferencing hardware. But the Logitech Conference Cam is their best item.

This single unit can transform any room to a huddle room and large conference room. There are a couple of options, from cheaper to more expensive cameras. It all comes down to what you prefer. But all units are aesthetically pleasant.

Some of the features include inbuilt remote control, ability to run on battery power, and a 90 degree camera. You can also use the camera as a Bluetooth speaker. It is the perfect addition to any huddle room.

best video conferencing hardware

3. Zoom Conference Room Connector

With the Zoom Conference Room Connector, you get a one-stop hardware package you can easily integrate with video conference software. The Zoom Conference Room works seamless with the Zoom platform. Choose any of the custom hardware packages. Whether you have a small conference room or larger, you get everything you need.

The Zoom Conference Room Connector makes it easy to set up one device and start a video conference meeting. For those looking for simplicity, Zoom connector is the way to go.

The best features are integration with existing calendars, one-click start for a meeting, and incorporated native video conference software.

what hardware is needed for video conferencing

4. Polycom RealPresence

Polycom is the largest pure-play collaboration company. They have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. They provide some of the best, if not the best video conferencing hardware options. However, the also come with a high price. For example, the Group 310 costs $2,999, while the Group 700 goes as high as $16,999.

All of the models come with the Polycom Group microphone, remote, codec, EagleEye camera, and power supply. Some of the features include EagleEye produced which uses facial recognition technology to follow all participants, RealPresence touch, the intuitive touch screen, and much more. Polycom NoiseBlock will block all background noise.

Polycom provides heavy-duty options for offices that need complicated video conferencing equipment on a regular basis.

microsoft video conferencing hardware

5. Crestron Mercury

Crestron Mercruty is an all-in-one tabletop solution for web collaboration. With Crestron Mercury, you can reach anyone, no matter which collaboration software he uses. Mercury makes video conferencing calls accessible on every platform. It is one the only UC and AV all-in-one solution that supports any web collaboration application.

They combine conferencing and collaboration tools in just one easy to use console. At the end, it enables people to work together regardless of software and location.

Features include SIP conference phone, scheduling function, and incredible audio quality. And the price is amazing, considering all the functions.

cheap video conferencing hardware

Software You Must Have besides Video Conferencing Hardware

All of the video conferencing hardware needs a suitable software to function properly. Some companies, like Zoom, provide hardware and software solutions. But Zoom is not the only video conference software on the market.

Today, we want to introduce you to ClickMeeting. This browser-based software allows you to do training courses, business video conferences, and webinars. Scheduling a meeting takes only a few moments. All you have to do is click Create Event, invite participants, and there you go. There are many features that make it easier for you to organize contacts. The Address Book scales perfectly, and you can reach thousands and thousands of participants.

hardware and software requirements for video conferencing

ClickMeeting makes it easy for you to monetize training sessions and courses if needed. In addition to scheduling a meeting, you can create training courses and webinars and monetize them thanks to PayPal integration.

You can stream video conferences, courses, and webinars on Facebook and YouTube from the software. During the conference, tools like polls and surveys keep your audience engaged. Screen sharing helps you increase productivity among participants.

And when the meeting is over, you can check the performance and follow-up with attendees. You get statistics for the webinar and performance rating.

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