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How to Compare PDF

2020-12-21 15:11:22 • Filed to: How-To • Proven solutions

There may arise a need to proofread a crucial or official PDF document against the original PDF file and your intent is to absolutely scale down the errors. The question is, how can you compare two PDFs effectively? If you are in the dark regarding how to compare two PDF files then calm down. This article gives you a complete guide on how to compare two PDFs using the best PDF comparison tool.

Three Methods to Compare PDF Files

Comparing two PDF files can be a tough task. However, if you have the knowledge of PDF comparison tools then I bet you will have a free ride into this task. For a seamless and effective PDF comparison, you require an appropriate PDF comparison tool. There are several methods of how to compare two PDF files. We have narrowed down into three methods as expounded below.

Method 1: How to Compare PDF with PDFelement

PDFelement is arguably the best tool to compare PDF files. The assortment of powerful features, ease of use, speed, and an intuitive interface makes millions of users across the world to make it their indispensable tool. Open two PDF files in PDFelement, click View>Tile button to select to view horizontally or vertically. Then each PDF file will be opened in the separate program window.

Step 1. Launch PDFelement on your PC to access the startup menu. Hit the "Open File" tab and choose the PDF files you want to compare. Click "Open" to upload the selected files to the program interface. Once the programs successfully upload to the program, they shall be automatically opened.

open pdf to compare pdf

Step 2. Go to the program's Menu bar and click on the "View" tab. This will display several sub-menu icons. Locate and click the "Tile" icon on the far-right within the sub-menu. Here you are given two ways to view your PDF files. You can either view them horizontally or vertically by respectively clicking on the "Horizontally" or "Vertically" options. Your PDF files will be displayed side by side either vertically or perpendicularly depending on the kind of view you selected.

view tab to compare pdf files

Alternatively, upload the target PDF files onto the program so as to open on the program window normally. Now reduce the window size for each opened file and drag their tabs to allow the windows of other files to appear. Adjust the size of each window by dragging the window edges. When you have finally created a tile of windows, drag the tabs of windows one by one and put them in such a way as to view them on the same screen. This way you can now compare your multiple PDF files.

drag and create for pdf diff

Method 2: How to Compare PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the plausible tools to compare PDF files with ease. It gives standard functionalities that can help solve your PDF comparison problems. Launch Adobe Acrobat, click Tools>Compare Files option, then click the Select File button to load PDF documents. You can also select Compare Text Only to ignore graphic differences and compare these two documents.

Step 1. Launch Adobe Acrobat software on your PC to access the main window. Now navigate to the "Tools" tab and subsequently select the "Compare Files" option.

adobe acrobat to compare pdf documents

Step 2. Now, the Compare Documents File window will be opened to allow you to upload both new and old documents. Click the "Select File" tab on the two sections and upload the target PDF files. If you want to change a file or upload your desired file, simply hit the "Change File" drop-down arrow. Also, if you want to switch the positions of the two files, just hit on the exchange arrows.

compare two pdf files with adobe acrobat

Step 3. Check the "Compare Text Only" box to ignore any graphical differences between the two PDFs. Customize the comparison settings by clicking the Settings icon. Click "Ok" to proceed.

Step 4. Click "Compare" and Acrobat will process and display the result summary. Click on the "Go to First Change" link to start reviewing your documents.

compare two pdfs with acrobat

Method 3: How to Compare PDF with Online Free Tools

PDF24 is a free and secure online tool that enables users to compare two PDF files and identify the difference. The comparison process is quite easy and straight ward. Go to the website of PDF24, click the Choose File button to select the target files. In the Mode option, choose either Textual or Visual mode to compare, you will get the conclusion of the files.

Step 1. Navigate to the free online tool homepage using your desired browser.

Step 2. The main interface is divided into two distinct sections labeled "First" file and "Second file". Click on the "Choose file" link on the first file section to access the file explorer window. Now choose the first PDF file for comparison and click "Open" to upload it to the fist file section on the program.

Again do the same on the second file section. The respective PDF file name and file size will be displayed on each section once they are successfully uploaded. Remember you can upload PDF files to be compared from the local save location on your PC, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Step 3. Once the target PDF files have been successfully uploaded, hit the drop-down icon beside the "Mode" option and choose between Textual and Visual comparison options.

Step 4. Now click the "Compare" tab to trigger the comparison process. Wait for some time for the comparison to conclude. When it is complete, the results will be displayed at the bottom. The differences will be highlighted in red color and a strikethrough.

These uploaded files, for security reasons, will not be stored for long on this platform. They are removed from the server after a short time. So once you upload them, just compare and take your results at that moment.

pdf compare tool online free

Conclusion: Without bias, you can confidently ascertain that PDFelement outshines all the other methods. This is because the program has an elegant interface with lots of features that makes the user experience effective and full of fun. The ease of use, faster processing speed, and support of multiple documents naturally make it our top pick. Try PDFelement and compare your PDF files easily and effectively.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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