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Best Font for PowerPoint and Embed Fonts in PowerPoint

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2023-04-13 17:06:35 • Filed to: PowerPoint Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

When you are preparing a PowerPoint presentation, there are several design decisions to make. The best font for PowerPoint, color scheme, and the number of slides. In this article, we will be discovering the best font for PowerPoint, learn how to change the default font in PowerPoint, and later how to embed fonts into PowerPoint.

Top 3 Best Fonts for PowerPoint

The best fonts for PowerPoint are Times New Roman, Garamond, and Georgia.

The reason for identifying these three fonts as the best is that they are classified under the serif font style. Serif fonts are classic with brush strokes on the letters’ edges, which leads the eye from one character to the other like it is a joined handwritten content. They offer legible and elegant readability. In ideal environments, serifs fit best for formal presentations. These fonts are normally associated with serious intellectual content and professional works.

There are also sans- serifs, which are an upgrade of serifs and have emerged to be the best in recent days. Fonts under these categories have smooth and rounded typefaces, sleek and modern. Considering that sans means “without” and serifs “strokes,” it means the fonts don have stroke edges. This has made it the common font being used for modern presentations.

How to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint

In PowerPoint, new fonts are not inserted by default. To make the new fonts available on your computer, you have to embed the fonts in your PowerPoint. Before starting the process of embedding fonts, ensure they are embeddable.

Step 1. Open the PowerPoint File

Launch your PowerPoint document and click the "File" > "Options" button.

best font for powerpoint

Step 2. Embed Fonts in the File

Now on the pop-up box, select "Save." In the "Save" options, check the “Embed fonts in the file” box. There are two options, and you can select one of them and then click "OK."

embed fonts in powerpoint

How to Change Default Font in PowerPoint

Instead of working too hard to change your slides’ fonts one after the other, you can simply change the default fonts for the whole presentation at once.

Step 1. Open the PowerPoint File

Launch your PowerPoint document and click "View" > "Slide Master."

embed fonts in powerpoint

Step 2. Change Default Fonts

Click on the “Fonts” option, and from the fonts drop-down menu, you can choose the font you want to use across all your presentation slides. vii. If the pre-defined fonts on the menu do not impress you, select “Customize fonts” at the bottom of the menu and select your desired font.

embed fonts in powerpoint

Note: It is important to note that any change made on the slide master will be replicated to all the slides in the presentation.

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How to Change Text Fonts in PDF

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change text fonts in pdf

Step 2. Edit Fonts in PDF

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change text fonts in pdf

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