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Perfect your PDFs with Wondershare PDFelement 9

Wondershare PDFelement 9 is your practical and intuitive all-in-one PDF solution. It simplifies managing, reading, editing, and creating PDF files across desktop, web and mobile. Read more >

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PDFelement provides a lot of useful PDF markup and annotation features

With PDFelement, you're able to view and edit PDFs right on your iPad, or even your best iPhone, with ease. Read more >

PDFelement simplifies students’ and educators’ class workflow

with the help of PDFelement, a student can make all kinds of desirable changes, from editing to highlighting an important part of the document.PDFelement doesn’t just help students simplify their lives. It also lets educators work efficiently with PDF files, without putting in any extra effort. Read more >

Wondershare PDFelement 9 – An In-depth Review

You often have to go beyond just opening and reading PDF files, i.e., you have to edit, annotate, convert, or fill up PDF documents. And for this, you could use a decent multipurpose PDF tool. After testing many PDF tools, there is one I find worth sharing – Wondershare PDFelements – in terms of features and functionality. Read more >

Wondershare PDFelement: The Ultimate All-in-one PDF Solution

Wondershare’s PDFelement(opens in new tab) (available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and the Cloud) solves this problem entirely by offering premium functionality and performance for a mere fraction of what alternatives like Adobe Acrobat cost. Read more >

How Wondershare PDFelement Enables Faster, Simpler, and Smoother PDF Editing Than Ever

Ultimately, we found that Wondershare is intuitive, affordable, and lightweight. Designed for performance and simplicity, it features no bloatware and a menu that greatly simplifies PDF editing across the board. And that makes it a perfect choice, no matter your profession. Read more >

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The best PDF file editor: PDFelement!
Focus |26.1K subscribers
Best Editor for PDF files
THE FIDAN11|1.3M subscribers
The Best PDF Editor for Windows
AppFind|557K subscribers
PDFelement is an all-in-one smart PDF editor
Moni BeSa|14.1K subscribers

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App Store Ratings and Reviews
out of 5 |5K Ratings
Kwanksss |09/08/2022
Best PDF editing applications

I am a new business owner. I have to say, this is one of the best PDF editing applications that I've used. It's very intuitive and offers all the features I need

118jay0118 |09/05/2022
Easy to use

I have been using PDFelement for a while now and I can't even imagine not having it. It has everything that I need to keep my business running smoothly. From converting PDFs to word documents or PowerPoint slides to signing, annotating, merging and filling out forms - this app does it all.

Slayer |July 29, 2021
It's sooo gudddd

I swear that you will have your pdf annotated perfectly with no money (if you don't mind the watermark)

Close to the perfect replacement for Acrobat/ PDFelement

It’s a bit costly for the Lifetime license of the App or the Mac/iOS combo, and after testing about 20 different Apps I am almost willing to pay it (see their Element Reader App if you just want a free App similar to Mac Preview).

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Google Play Ratings and Reviews
out of 5 |7.8K Ratings
Jessica Foxx |19 January 2023

Omg, finally! A PDF tool that lets you easily do everything I typically need to do with a pdf without the headache of a bunch of windows and confusing layouts.

Hale Chalfant |26 January 2023

this app eliminates all the struggle parts because searching specific words on a PDF file is such a great feature it supports. I just wrote the topic in the search bar, and the whole information was in front of me in the blink of an eye.

Crane Das |25 January 2023

With PDFelement, I can easily highlight their mistakes and add helpful comments and notes from my phone. It has improved their work quality a lot.

clarissa ires |19 November 2022

I love using this app especially to annotate my slides and assignment .However, I wish there is an eraser feature that would erase my mistakes instead of having to press the undo button only.