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Tricks to Get Microsoft Office to Work with macOS 11

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2024-03-22 16:31:28 • Filed to: macOS Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

Just like any other Mac software, Microsoft is also prone to issues. There are instances where the office no longer works on macos 11 after a crash of the hard drive or repair of your Mac. Many people have no idea why MS Office will stop working abruptly and what to do if the office won’t work on macos 11 after upgrading. This article looks at how you can download and install Microsoft Office, the system requirements, the cost, and how to fix the MS office when it freezes or crashes.

How to Download and Install MS Office for macOS 11

Before you set up and use Microsoft office for macos 11 it is advisable to save everything you working on. Close all Microsoft applications like Visio, InfoPath, Publisher, Project, Access, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Outlook. Follow the steps below to install your MS Office.

  • Press Command and Spacebar to open Spotlight.
  • Search Self Service
  • Click the self-service option to open
  • Click Microsoft under the categories on the left
  • Under the Microsoft, clicks install. The MS Office will automatically launch after the download.

office no longer works on macos 11

1. System Requirements to Download Microsoft Office

Before you download Microsoft Office for your Mac, it is imperative to ensure that all the systems requirements are in place to get the best out of the Microsoft application. The MS office suite supports the latest macOS versions from msOS 10.12 up to the current macOS 11for optimal productivity.

As Apple releases newer versions of the macOS, Microsoft normally shifts its attention and support to the most recent. The older versions of macOS will continue functioning well but they will not get features and security updates like the new versions. It is therefore highly recommended that you move with technological changes of macOS to enjoy the best features of Microsoft in the market.

In order to run MS Office in you are required to have the latest version of macOS, RAM of 4 GB, and hard disk space of over 10 GB.

2. How Much is Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office is usually in subscription and one-time payment versions whose pricing varies. It costs $149.99 for Student 2019 and Office Home for Mac. They come with OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word features. If you want MS office outlook, then Office Home & Business 2019 will be the best for you and goes for $249.99.

The subscription model for MS 365 for Mac requires monthly or annual fees. Whenever a new version is introduced in the market, it is automatically added to your subscriptions. Office 365 for Mac goes for $9.99 for a monthly subscription and $99.99 for an annual subscription.

3. What about MS Office vs. iWork

iWork is a free app from Apple that is superior to MS Office in terms of pricing. Is Microsoft superior to iWork in terms of productivity? This is a common question among many users. Let’s break it down!

iWork comes with Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes that are usually suited for the smaller home and business use. iWork is specifically for the apple products and cannot be used on PC. The MS Office on the other hand can be switched between PCs and Macs. This makes MS Office suite superior over iWork. Microsoft Office is known to have user-friendly features giving it a competitive edge over iWork. More so, the new versions of macOS call for changes in MS Office which come with better features and look new compared to the writer that is outdated.

what to do if office won’t work on macos 11 after upgrading

How to Fix Office No Longer Works on macOS 11

Most of the problems of MS Office that make it stop working can easily be solved by the following processes:

  • Repair Disk Permission

Some of the problems that make the MS Office for macOS 11 to stop working can be solved by the option of repairing disk permission. Begin by launching disk utility on the Go menu. Select the hard drive for your Mac, select first aid, and click the disk repair permission. The disk repair only works for Apple applications.

  • Clean Start-Up

Log in as the administrator on your Mac and restart it in a safe mode.

  • Creating a new user account

A corrupt user account for your Mac can result in MS Office crashing. Creating your user account afresh can fix the problem.

  • Resetting Microsoft Word

One of the surest ways for troubleshooting most of your Mac’s Office problems is resetting the customer preferences. Close all the running programs on your Mac. Open the preference folder from the library on the Home page. Open Microsoft and then drag to Mac’s desktop. After launching MS Word and the error does not appear, drag all the files to their original location and then restart Word. In case the error appears this means it is corrupt and you should delete it and the problem is solved.

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