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How to Fix iPhone 13 Freezes on iOS 14

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: iOS Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

If you are complaining that “my iPhone 13 freezes,” then you must be frustrated because this issue disrupts your work and leaves you clueless on how to resolve it. According to most users, the iPhone 13 freezing issue is often after updating to iOS 14, despite that upgrading from iOS 14 should make it function better. In this article, you will find 5 quick ways to fix an iPhone 13 that keeps lagging and freezing that you can handle on your own.

5 Quick Ways to Solve iPhone 13 Frozen on iOS 14

1. Restart your iPhone 13

Before solving the iPhone 13 frozen problem with complicated remedies, consider the simplest solution, which is to simply restart the iPhone 13. There are various ways to restart iPhone 13;

From Settings;

  • Go to the Settings and hit the General menu
  • Scroll downwards and choose the Shut Down option
  • When iPhone 13 is turned off, press the Power button to restart it

Using Volume Up and Power functions;

  • On your iPhone 13, press and hold the Volume Up and Power button together until the Power Off options show up
  • Now, Turn off iPhone 13
  • And when done, press and hold the Power button to restart the iPhone.

2. Hard Rest iPhone 13

Restarting iPhone 13 may not always solve iPhone 13 frozen issues. So, try hard resetting the device to see if you can acquire better results.

To do so;

  • Quickly Press and release the Volume Up button
  • Quickly press and release the Volume Down function
  • Now press and hold the Side button
  • When you see the Apple logo appearing release the Side button

As you do this process, the slider to power off will appear. Ignore it and continue holding the Side button until the screen goes black and then the Apple logo appears. The screen should activate itself again.

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3. Reset all iPhone 13 Settings

If restarting and hard resetting iPhone 13 does not fix iPhone 13 screen that keeps freezing after updating to iOS 14, consider resetting all settings. This normally means that the iPhone 13 settings will go back to default and so personal preferences and other settings will no longer exist. However, this process does not erase any data.

To fix an iPhone 13 that keeps lagging and freezing through settings reset;

  • Access the Settings from the Home screen
  • And choose the General menu
  • Hit the Reset function below and then tap the Reset All Settings utility.
  • Your passcode may be require and so ensure that you provide the correct digits.

Alternatively, you can choose to factory reset, which erases all your information and thus requires backing up. You may iCloud to back up information like Contacts, Emails, and Photos. To factory reset your iPhone;

  • Access Settings on the Home screen and choose the General option
  • Choose the Reset option below, which will open to display more possibilities.
  • Here, click on Erase All Content and Settings option.
  • When requested, put in the right password and then hit the Erase iPhone option that appears in red for confirmation.

This will erase your iPhone preferences as well and networks. It basically makes your iPhone 13 new again. To continue, you may restore back up or return your preference settings.

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4. Restore iPhone in DFU Mode with iTunes

You can fix iPhone 13 screen that keeps freezing after updating to iOS 14 by restoring iPhone 13 in DFU Mode with iTunes. DFU stands for Device Firmware Update and it restores your iPhone if the above tips do not resolve iPhone 13 freezing problem.

However, you should note that this process gets rids of all data in the gadget and so you should first back up your information. The most important data to back up should include texts, photos, documents and contacts.

To restore in DFU Mode with iTunes and solve iPhone 13 frozen;

  • Download and install the latest version of iTunes on the computer
  • Ensure that your iPhone is on and then use an Apple cable or USB cable to connect your iPhone to the PC
  • Launch iTunes
  • Now put iPhone 13 in DFU Mode; quickly press and release the Volume Up utility and then do the same with the Volume Down function. Press and hold the Power/Side button until the iPhone displays a black screen and then release the button. Proceed by pressing the Side and Volume Down buttons together for some seconds and your iPhone 13 will enter DFU Mode.
  • iTunes will immediately detect your iPhone 13 in DFU Mode. So click on the Ok utility and proceed to the main interface.
  • Head to the Summary option
  • Here, click on Restore iPhone and then hit Restore when warning notification appears.

5. Downgrade to iOS 14

iPhone 13 definitely comes with the newly launched iOS 14. However, this new operating system could have some issues leading to iPhone 13 freezing. So, since iPhone 13 can handle earlier iOS versions, it may be better to downgrade to the last version of iOS 14. This should be the last option if none of the above ways to fix an iPhone 13 that keeps lagging and freezing is fruitful. This process will also wipe out the data from your iPhone, so keep an updated backup.

To downgrade iPhone 13 to iOS 14 and fix an iPhone 13 that keeps lagging and freezing;

  • Download the iOS 14 update from a reliable website; ensure that there is a green checkmark in the Apple Signing Status column before proceeding
  • On your iPhone, turn off Find My iPhone; go to Settings and choose your name at the top, and then hit iCloud. Tap on Find My iPhone and toggle it OFF, then enter the password.
  • Now, plug your iPhone into the computer using a USB cable
  • Launch the latest version of iTunes and click the iPhone icon

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  • Hit the Restore iPhone utility. If you are using a Mac computer hold the Alt/Option key as you hit this utility and Shift if using a PC.

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  • In the window the shows up, locate the iOS 14 file you downloaded, click on it and hit Open.
  • Click Restore to begin downgrading the operating system.
  • Wait as iPhone restarts multiple times. When done your iPhone 13 will be running on iOS 14, and most probably will not freeze or lag.

The above methods may or may not fix your freezing iPhone 13. So if you continue experiencing the same problem, the issue could be hardware related. Therefore, the best last resolution is visiting an Apple Store near you for better solutions.

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