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Steps to Download PDF on iPad


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You surely know that your PDF documents can be read on your iPad device, but did you know that you can as well download PDF from iPad? PDF is a very popular document format; almost every iPad user would need it in their daily use of the iPad device. Several websites offer manual downloads or PDF tutorial. If there is a PDF file you find on a website, in Dropbox, or that has been sent to you as an attachment through Mail, and you are wondering how you can use your iPad download PDF, let your mind be at ease, as you read on. The iBooks app on the iPad can be used to save ebooks in PDF format from websites such as Open Library. Also, you can download and save anything from college course syllabi and bank statements to tenant agreements and scanned documents. It isn't a stretch to say your iPad can be a portable system for document management!

Here is How to Download PDF on iPad:

    1. On your iPad, open a PDF document. This can be done by accessing a PDF document on a website in the Safari browser, opening a PDF file in Dropbox, or opening an attachment in Mail, and several other instances.
    2. If you have opened a PDF document in the Safari browser, tap once on it and a bar will appear at the top of the screen. Tap on Open in iBooks.
how to download pdf on ipad
  1. After you have opened a PDF document in Mail, tap the arrow button and tap on Open in iBooks.
  2. You will find the PDF file on a shelf in the iBooks. To open it, tap on the file (it may still be in the download process to your iPad).

Tips: Take Note of the Following Tips:

  • It's almost the same steps to download PDF files on iPhone. It applies to several models of iPad, including new models such as iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 3, etc.
  • After storing many PDF files in iBooks, it may become tough to locate each PDF file needed especially when you don't have descriptive titles for them. Ensure to rename the PDF files in iBooks to enable you to locate any PDF file you need.

Congratulations! You've now downloaded the PDF document to your iPad and saved it in the iBooks app. It will remain there unless you get it deleted. Now that you know how to download PDF books on iPad and download PDF to iPad, go on and begin to download those PDF files you once couldn't download, and this time with ease!

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Simply downloading PDF files on your iPad and other iOS devices may not be good enough. While your native iOS PDF readers do an acceptable job reading PDFs and carrying out simple annotation tasks, there’s still quite a lot they can’t do. With a PDF reader like PDFelement for iOS, however, it’s a whole different story.

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Apart from simply serving as a PDF reader, PDFelement for iOS also offers a number of key features that make handling PDF documents much easier and enjoyable for both the average and professional PDF users. PDFelement for iOS Key Features.

Essentially, PDFelement for iOS offers all the key features you would expect from any PDF reader: it lets you read PDF files, comment on them, makes highlights, adds notes, and so on. But it doesn’t just stop there. PDFelement for iOS also works as a PDF editor, providing you with a number of advanced features that let you easily edit and correct PDF files all from the comfort of your iOS device. In other words, with PDFelement for iOS on your iPad, you get an iOS device that not only reads and downloads PDF files but also edits them. So, what are you waiting for? Download PDFelement for iOS now!

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