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Top 5 Free PDF Readers for Android 2024


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PDF Readers for Android make it easy for PDF users to be productive while on the go. You just need to download your favorite PDF Reader for Android free app and install it on your phone or tablet. In this article, we focus on the top 5 PDF Reader for Android free apps that you can download and install in your phone and then use to view your PDF documents with ease.

Free Android PDF Readers for Your Phone

Worldwide most of documents are created in PDF format because of considerable level of safety and security. That is why users prefer keeping PDF reader in their mobiles. But now continuously PDF readers are popping up and a suitable selection certainly need guidelines. Here will focus on the best PDF free viewer for Android including PDFelement for Android to make their documents portable.

PDFelement for Android is a Wondershare's software product, very popular being used by millions of worldwide Android users. Its multiple modes to view PDF documents have enhanced user’s reading experience. Each modes offers something better and different to user. With this software you instantly open document to view for web or email. While viewing user may scroll, zoom-in, zoom-out or search documents. You can enjoy navigation to specific page through navigation panes.

pdf viewer iphone

The interface is intuitive, easy to run with numerous tools and so overwhelming features that PDFelement stand prominent, due to help it extends to user in viewing PDF documents. It's one of the best iPhone PDF apps because of various other appreciable characteristics discussed below:

  • Import PDF files using camera, cloud storage, photo library
  • Capable to handle large file as fast and quite stable software
  • Enables user to view PDF files comfortably in two reading mode and comment on PDF
  • Capable sign PDF forms
  • Work across all platfroms including iOS, Windows and macOS

1. WPS Office + PDF

WPS Office + PDF, formerly known as Kingstone Office, is a totally free app that comes with Office and PDF features. The small sized app allows you to create and convert various types of Office documents to PDF and then view the output PDF files natively. Generally, WPS Office + PDF isn’t rich in PDF features, but if you are looking for an Android app that supports Office and PDF documents, then it can be your perfect choice.

pdf reader for android free


  • The free PDF reader for Android Supports 46 languages.
  • You can search, crop, zoom and scroll PDF files.
  • Users of this PDF reader for android free download app can add bookmarks and annotation viewing on PDF.


  • The zoom level of the free PDF reader for Android isn't high enough while viewing documents.

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most downloaded free PDF Reader for Android on Google Play Store. The app is excellent for reliably viewing, annotating and signing PDF. It comes with various modes to choose from while viewing PDF files, including the "Reading", "Continuous Scroll" and "Single Page" modes. Moreover, the app allows you to fill and sign PDF forms, print, store and share files, organize pages in PDF, create PDF, export PDF files to Word or Excel and more.

pdf reader for android free download


  • You can search, scroll, and zoom in and out.
  • Users can quickly open PDF from the web, email, of any other app that supports "Share".
  • The PDF reader for android free download app supports multiple languages.


  • Fussy about PDF files names.

3. Xodo PDF Reader and Editor for Android

This PDF reader for android free app also a great PDF editor optimized for Android phones and tablets. It’s one of the highest rated apps on Google Paly Store and comes with a fast PDF viewing engine and smooth navigation that offers an amazing experience. As a user, you will be able to read, sign and fill PDF forms, annotate, share, convert and create PDF files with ease. The app lets you open .docx/.pptx as a PDF and syncs with OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive. Xodo's built in manager also allows you to rename, move or delete documents and folders.

free pdf reader for android


  • It supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, Polish and Italian.
  • You can bookmark PDF pages for future reference.
  • The night mode allows you to read PDF even in dark environments.


  • Xodo can't access PDF files saved on the SD card.

4. EBook Reader and PDF Reader for Android

With eBook Reader and PDF Reader, you will be able to view PDF, fb2, DJVJU and more. It's a highly customizable app that's optimized for Android phones and tablets. Your contents can be displayed in full-screen mode, and you are free to set the screen orientation to Portrait, Landscape or Automatic. Generally, eBook Reader and PDF reader comes with features that make PDF viewing comfortable, quick and easy.

pdf viewer for android free download


  • It comes with fantastic themes, Light theme, and Black theme.
  • The night mode enables you to view content in dark areas or at night.
  • You can scroll PDF files by a finger tap on the screen.


  • Sometimes the app crashes when you try to open PDF files, directly from the "Downloads" folder.

5. Google PDF Viewer for Android

Google PDF Viewer for Android supports the functions of the Drive-based viewers which include viewing, printing, copying and searching texts within PDF files. The app is designed as an Android for work program, but it can be installed by anyone. It is completely independent of the drive app and automatically launches when you open a PDF file.

free download pdf reader for android


  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • Perfect for opening PDFs from emails/the web.
  • The app searches keywords faster compared to other PDF viewers.


  • Since the app icon doesn't appear on the app menu, some users may not figure how to use the software.

Troubleshooting of Free PDF Readers for Android

Most free PDF Readers for android have issues, crashing, aren’t working properly, won't open or respond etc. The apps are designed with limited features compared to desktop versions. Some of the advanced features are restricted in the free PDF. If you are experiencing issues with your favorite free PDF Reader, you can use the following methods to solve the problems:

  • 1. Restart Your Device: Press the power button of your tablet or phone for about 30 seconds and then restart your phone. Rebooting your Android device gives it a fresh start and may fix the issues.
  • 2. Install Updates: App developers come up with updates over time, so as to solve various problems raised through customer's feedback and improve the performance of their apps. Additional or new features are also added through the updates. Therefore, if you install the updates, you can solve a lot of issues.
  • 3. Force Stop the Program: Shut down the app completely. Tap the "Settings" app then select "Apps", Pick the free PDF reader from the provided list and then tap Force Close.
  • 4. Uninstall then reinstall the app afresh.
  • 5. Clear the app's cache or data.
  • 6. Contact app developer.

Best Desktop Free PDF Reader for Windows and Mac

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor provides you with the simplest and fastest way to view your PDF documents. The complete, all-in-one software is programmed with advanced PDF editing tools that enable you to have full control over PDF files like never before. Once you install it on your Mac or Windows PC, you will be able to read, open, annotate, password protect, digitally sign, extract, merge and split, redact PDFs and do so much more.

  • The editing tools are especially useful in that you can adjust any feature on a PDF to your liking.
  • Individual pages can be updated or edited in accordance with your needs.
  • This helps you to create notes and highlights, extract items from a file and even redact certain things you see if needed.
  • This is run with a simple an easy to use interface that is not too complicated or hard to use.
  • This should give you plenty of control for making it easier for your work to be visible and easy to use.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!


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