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How to Transfer PDF to Android Phone in 3 Ways


2023-07-11 15:07:21 • Filed to: Android PDF Apps • Proven solutions

PDF is primarily designed to simplify the daily management of documents, hence it has found an almost unparalleled popular use. The existence of a PDF file does not depend on support from hardware or software, hence PDF has flexibility as a core attribute.

PDF files can therefore be viewed on multiple devices at different times and places. The portability of android devices make them one of the most convenient devices for viewing PDF files. Any Android device user needs to know how to transfer PDF files to android phones using various methods. What follows is a rundown of the three simplest methods for transferring PDF files to android phones:

1 .Transfer PDF with SD Card:

transfer pdf to android

PDF files can be shared between computers and android devices via the use of SD cards. This can be done by implementing the following the steps:

  • 1. Using a USB cable, connect the android device to the computer which bears PDF files. Shortly after the android device is properly connected to the computer, a window pops up recognizing the SD card that is borne on the android device.
  • 2. Choose the target location on the SD card where the PDF will be delivered into, or create a distinct folder for the purpose of the transfer.
  • 3. Search for the PDF file on the computer, and then drag and drop or copy them to target folder on the SD card.
  • 4. Once the transfer is completed, eject and disconnect the android device from the computer. The PDF file will then be available on the android device, and can then be read on a PDF reader on the android device.

2. Transfer PDF Using Dropbox

epub to pdf app

Dropbox is a widely used file-sharing platform that allows android users to transfer files to their android devices. PDF files can be easily shared between a computer and an android device that have the Dropbox app installed in them. The file transfer is carried out in the following steps:

  • 1. Install the Dropbox app on the android device or computer which contains the PDF file. Launch the app, wait for the menu to appear, and then choose the “share” option.
  • 2. Choose either to share a file or a link on the next set of options which pops up afterward.
  • 3. Once the share-file option is selected, another window pops up requiring the input of a delivery mail, and once this is provided, the chosen PDF file is uploaded to the Dropbox servers.
  • 4. The uploaded file is delivered via the delivery mail to the android device which the PDF file is to be viewed on, and the file can then be downloaded into the device.

3. Transfer PDF Using Google Drive

epub to pdf app

Google drive is another simple alternative for transferring PDF files to an android device. The following steps show how transfer PDF to android phones using this solution:

  • 1. Visit drive.google.com on the computer which bears the PFD file. Click on the “New” tab on the Google Drive home page.
  • 2. Select the desired PDF file and upload it.
  • 3. Visit Google Drive on the android device which the PDF file is to be viewed on, and download the uploaded PDF file.

PDF files are viewable on numerous devices and operating systems, and this makes it a very flexible file format. Android devices allow users to read PDF files on the go or at their earliest convenience. Hence, PDF files, including PDF forms, PDF reports and PDF case files, can be transferred from a stationary computer in the workplace to a portable android device for easy reading and referencing. The methods outlined above show how to transfer PDF to android phones the fastest and easiest way.

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