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How to Rotate PDF on iPhone or iPad


2023-11-30 16:33:26 • Filed to: Rotate PDF • Proven solutions

PDF documents are the best file format to work within the business, but sometimes you find a page is the wrong way up! You can't send that to a client, and they need it immediately! Rotating one page in a PDF document has traditionally been a complicated task often requiring expensive software and has been near impossible from mobile devices.

If you are working outside the office, remotely, and a page is the wrong way up when a client needs it immediately, you have a big problem. In the past, you would not be able to solve this quickly and effectively.

PDFelement for iOS has solved this problem with a dynamic app available for iPhone and iPad.

How to Rotate Pages in PDF on iOS

This short guide will show you how to quickly rotate PDF pages in the free PDFelement app:

1. Open PDFelement app and your PDF file

Download the PDFelement app from the Apple app store and register for a free account using the on-screen instructions.

To open the PDFelement app click on the program icon on your iPad or iPhone home screen. Open your PDF file from the file list on the "Local" screen.

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rotate page in pdf on iphone

2. Open page management mode

With the file open, select the four-cube icon on the top right of the screen to enter the page management mode. This will give you access to manage all the pages in your document individually.

Tap on the "Edit" icon and then you will see the "Rotate" button at the bottom, and choose the page or pages you want to rotate.

rotate page in pdf on ios

3. Rotate the page

Now you can click the "Rotate" button to rotate the pages you chose clockwise in quarter turns.

rotate pdf on ipad

4. Save your page

Select the tick icon in the top-right corner of the screen and you have now rotated and saved that page. This is now ready to be shared with others.

Rotating individual pages in large PDF documents will never be a problem again! PDFelement provides a simple and effective tool to rotate pages in PDF documents you are working with. This tool is available all in one app alongside another editing, saving, management, and sharing tools, that make PDFelement the complete solution for your PDF work. All this can be completed on your iPhone or iPad with the best free app on the market.

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Best Desktop PDF Editor to Rotate PDF Pages - PDFelement

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!


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