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Top 4 DJVU to PDF Converter Apps on Android


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Djvu file format may not be a popular file format but can also be used in some cases. For this reason, it is not out of place to talk about Djvu and how to convert Djvu to PDF in android. For clarity sake, it is important to note that Djvu is a graphic file document with the intention to store scanned documents most importantly those ones that contain line drawings, text, photographs as well as indexed color images. Due to the nature of this type of file format, it is normally used in formatting eBooks and some ancient documents.

Can You Read Djvu Files?

The answer is yes. You can actually read this type of file formats, however, you have to use some djvu reader app. The following are some of the djvu reader app you should know about.

Top 4 DJVU to PDF Converters on Android

1. Challenger Comics Viewer

convert djvu to pdf in android

This is one good app that you can use to read djvu files. In fact, it is a djvu to PDF converter free download for android and comes without ads. The good thing about this app is that it is really simple to use as pages are loaded automatically and displayed. Challenger Comics Viewer supports both image and book file formats. For image file format, it supports GIF, PNG, JPG among others. For book format, it supports CBR, RAR, Djvu, ePub as well as PDF. This app boasts of a whole lot of features including standout features like multiple image preview type and border cropping.

2. Readler-Great Reader

how to convert djvu to pdf in android

This is another good app for your android devices for reading djvu files even while on the go. This app is ideal for reading PDF, CBR, CBZ, magazines and comic books without the burden of having ads disturb the flow. Like most other apps, it is easy to use and may just require you to upload the document and start reading. The numerous benefits associated with this app include quick file access, even for larger files, easy download of files to the reader and adding files from browsers, cloud or any other application.

3. EbookDroid-PDF and DJVU Reader

djvu to pdf converter free download for android

This app is gradually getting the popularity it deserves due to what it offers. It is important to mention that this app supports eBook and document formats. For instance, it is known to support djvu, XPS, PDF as well as comic book formats like cbz and cbr. One major advantage of this app over some other ones include providing flexible font mapping of your PDF documents. It also provides extra tools like free hand annotations, text highlighting, text selection and external dictionary support as well as text notes and page notebooks. It allows you to customize the way you would like to read books and this will be applied on a per book basis.

4. DJVU to PDF Converter

djvu to pdf converter free download for android

This app will likely need no introduction as it is popular djvu to PDF converter free download for android. It is one of the easiest apps to use when it comes to making conversions. In fact, the process of conversion involves just picking or selecting the document and clicking on Convert. After conversion, you have the option of sharing the documents through email or Bluetooth and you can also see the document you have converted through any PDF viewer on your android app.

While djvu file format may not be popular as compared to PDF file formats, it is still useful. If you have a djvu file, you can always read it through the apps listed above and all that is required is to download at play store and use. However, you can also convert to PDF file format using djvu to PDF converter.

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