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Top Apps to Convert EPUB to PDF in 2024


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Although EPUB is a widely used file format, it remains second best when compared to PDF in terms of certain attributes which enhance the reader experience. Firstly, EPUB files do not come with the print option as PDF files do. Secondly, the EPUB format does not support the storage of annotations directly on the file itself. Hence an annotated ebook does not show the annotations when it's read on another device. These drawbacks limit the ways in which the annotated files can be put to use. However, to trump these drawbacks, one can convert EPUB files to PDF files, which come with printing and annotation options. But not all EPUB to PDF converter apps cut the mustard in terms of output layout integrity and highlighting functions of the PDF they churn out. But the following EPUB to PDF apps make for optimal conversions:

1 . Ebook (EPUB, MOBI, FB2 and other) to PDF Converter (Android)

epub to pdf converter

This app has simplicity at the heart of its design. Users need not worry about an ebook's format, as they can use the app to seamlessly convert a wide range of file formats to PDF in order to make the files more readable on their devices. However, the app doesn't come with an in-built PDF viewer.

It allows for conversion of multiple files in one go. The app converts files on a secure server. The files to be converted are transferred through a secure HTTPS Protocol, and every trace of the files is deleted from the server within an hour after the conversion.

2. The File Converter (iOS)

epub to pdf app

This is one of the most versatile and veritable file converter apps. Users can convert a wide range of ebook formats to PDF, including EPUB, MOBI, and LFR. The app also allows users to convert video and audio files to and from a number of formats, including AVI, MPEG-2, MP3 and WAV. The app’s file sharing options allow users to transfer converted files to other devices and cloud services via iTunes Files Sharing. The converted files are also stored automatically in the in-app file browser, and they can be viewed with other apps.

Since the app carries out conversion on a cloud server, users are required to grant the app outright permission to transmit files to the app’s converter server. But the converted files are blotted out of the server immediately after the conversion.

3. The Ebook Converter (iOS+Android)

convert epub to pdf phone

This app is way much more than an EPUB to PDF converter app, as it also converts files to and from MOBI, AZW3, TXT, and a host of other ebook formats. Users can also read files of various formats on the app.

Like the other apps reviewed above, this app executes conversions on a secure server, making for snappy conversions that consume relatively less battery power. However, users cannot convert files with sizes greater than 1GB per time.

How the Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor Can Give EPUB to PDF Conversion the Perfect Finish

The challenge doesn't really end once an EPUB file is successfully converted to PDF. Most PDF readers don’t make for reading experiences that are on par with those provided by ebook readers. It’s therefore important that a device has a decent PDF reader. Such apps also provide better annotation and editing solutions. The PDFelement meets these requirements perfectly. PDFelement is a PDF viewer par excellence that comes with an impressive collection of annotation tools. It is the ultimate file management app for numerous operating systems. In addition to that, users can view PDF, organize the texts and pages in the PDF, and manipulate images.

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By converting EPUb to PDF, the aforementioned EPUB to PDF apps offer the possibilities of reading, marking up, commenting on files that are originally obscure and poorly readable. The EPUB format comes with reflow attributes that make it easy to convert EPUB files to PDF. However, many EPUB to PDF apps still come up short of perfection in converting files, and this can prove a huge inconvenience. They might end up producing outputs that are mixed with cursive texts and that are difficult to peruse and highlight. However, the aforementioned apps allow for the symmetrical conversion of EPUB Fies to PDF to be executed in a breeze.

Best PDF Editor Available for Desktop - PDFelement

Product Features PDFelement for iOS
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PDFelement for Mac
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OCR feature
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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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