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How to Transfer PDF to iPhone via WiFi

Sep 25,2019 • Filed to: PDF App • Proven solutions

Because of the increase in paperless and remote working there is a growing demand to access PDF files across many different devices to complete projects. Transferring PDF documents from one device to the next via WiFi is becoming a more common practice.

You might have a PDF file on your iPhone that you need on your laptop or the other way around – you want to transfer them quickly and securely. Transferring PDF files across devices has traditionally been a complicated task. This problem has been solved and, now, you can even easily transfer PDF files from your iPhone or iPad to desktop and vice versa via WiFi in minutes. PDFelement for iOS is the best solution for transferring files.

How to Transfer PDF Files via WiFi with PDFelement

PDFelement has a simple function to transfer PDF files via WiFi and this simple guide will show you how:

1. Get and open the PDFelement app

Download the PDFelement app from the App and then register your account following the simple instructions.

To open the PDFelement app click on the program icon on your iPad or iPhone homescreen.

transfer pdf to iphone via wifi

2. Use the WiFi transfer function

From the apps "Local" page, click the "+" to the right of the word "Local" . Now select the WiFi button. This will open a new screen with instructions.

transfer pdf to iphone via wifi

3. Link your app to your desktop

In the new display window you will be given a website address beginning "http://" . Open your preferred web browser on your desktop device and type the address into the browser address bar. Click enter. Your app account is now synched with your app account on your mobile device and desktop.

transfer pdf to iphone via wifi

4. Use files across devices

The file menu across both devices will now display the same. Any files added to PDFelement either on mobile or desktop with be available across all devices. You can download files to be stored on the device itself for emailing or sharing, and to back up files.

transfer pdf to iphone via wifi

Following the simple instructions above, within minutes you can be using the PDFelement app to transfer PDF files across devices via WiFi. Never have issues with working across different devices ever again whether working remotely or in your office. PDFelement offers the best solution for keeping control of your files. This function also works with all file formats you have converted with PDFelement reaching the full possibilities of your PDFs.

Video on How to Transfer PDF to iPhone or iPad via WiFi

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Audrey Goodwin

chief Editor

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