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Quick Way to Search in PDF on iPhone

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Nowadays more people are using smartphones thus promoting the use of technology products and services. eBooks, PDF documents and other downloads are commonly used today as people shift from traditional printed media. The iPhone is an easier way of carrying and sending PDF files as you can access them anytime and anywhere.

How to Search Text in a PDF on iPhone with PDFelement

PDFelement for iOS is a PDF viewer and editor that can search text in PDF files. It's very easy to use and yet powerful. Besides searching contents in PDF, it can also edit text, images, link to PDF, annotate PDF, convert PDF, and sign PDF. Get it on App Store to have a try.

  • Step 1. Open PDFelement app on your iPhone.
  • Step 2. Tap the blue + icon to open the PDF file in the app.
  • Step 3. Then tap the magnifying glass on the top and type the word or text you want to search for.
  • Step 4. The result of the word you enter will be highlighted, you can tap the result to quickly locate the content in the PDF file.
iphone pdf search

How to Search a PDF on iPhone

Using or searching for a PDF file in which most eBooks and other documents are in can be a daunting job, and with an increased number of PDF applications available online its has never been harder.

Option 1. Using iBooks

Open iBooks is the simplest way to search for PDFs and text in PDFs on iPhone. iBooks can help in finding any text that you need. iBooks has also the capacity to search for any PDF from any section. iBooks does not come with the iPhone, so you will need to install it from the App Store by yourself. The following is how to search for text in a PDF using iBook.

  • Step 1. Launch iBooks from your iPhone home screen.
  • Step 2. Open the PDF file that you wish to search by tapping on the file.
  • Step 3. Then tap the magnifying glass that is the upper end on the right side.
  • Step 4. Type the text or term that you want to search for, then you can click on the search section of the keyboard. You will see the search results provided, scroll to jump on the one you would like.
iphone pdf search

Option 2. Using QuickSearch PDF Reader

QuickSearch PDF Reader is a new iTunes application that does amazing PDF reading and text searching activities. It makes it faster to find text in PDF files. QuickSearch PDF reader works when you add a document as it scans the background of the documents hence when you search for text the results will be automatically displayed. It allows you to search within specific documents and even from all documents you want to search from. Its viewer is natural with easy navigation, great zooming tools, and jumping to pages and documents as you wish.

search pdf iphone

How to Search for PDF Files on iPhone

Using Safari

Safari is the best tool to search for PDF files on iPhone. You can directly find PDF files and open them with this tool.

  • Step 1. Launch Safari on your iPhone. It's the default web browser for your iPhone.
  • Step 2. Copy and paste the URL of or the commonly used eBooks website, like in the address area and tap the button "Go".
  • Step 3. If you're going to search a PDF report in Google, then you should enter the name of the PDF file in the search box with the text "filetype: pdf". If you've entered the eBook website, then you can look for the PDF eBook you need and click to open it on your iPhone.
search pdf on iphone

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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