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Best Free Android App to Write on PDF File

Sep 23,2019 • Filed to: PDF App • Proven solutions

It there any free Android app that let you write on pdf by adding some information or important highlights? Adding changes to your PDF makes it possible to update your file in case of the occurrence of new data or data that you would like it to appear in your PDF. Here you can find the best Android app to write on PDF for your Android device.


Top Write on PDF App on Android Devices

1. PDFelement

PDFelement for Andorid is a best free google app to write on PDF files on Andorid devices. It provides wide selection of annotating tools like highlighter, strikethough, underline and call-out.

app to write on pdf

PDFelement Android App makes you more productive with revolutionary reading experience. You can write over PDF documents with handwritings or adding highlighter, underline, or strikthrough tools. Or you can add shapes and pencil tools to emphasize your comments. Also,you can run searches to help you quicly find specific items in your PDF file. By tapping on the hypelinks in your PDF files, you will be directed to external websites.

2. Write on PDF

Write on PDF is a powerful program that allows you to make different types f notes on your PDF file documents. The app contains many features that make it a good option for writing in PDFs. The tool offers excellent features to highlight, add text, strikeout and add free handwriting notes to your PDF document with ease.

write on pdf app

More functions of the app include, the ability to bookmark for navigation, search throughout the document, view in horizontal and vertical ways, sync with Dropbox, and give tabs for showing different PDFs.

3. PDF Max

PDF Max is a reliable app for reading, editing annotating, or writing on a PDF file straight from the Android device. It allows users to make documents that are easier to handwrite, highlight, insert text and stamps, sign, and edit the PDF pages. More, the tool offers a great solution for filling PDF forms from the Android phone. Besides, its advanced zoom-in feature helps you take notes and fill non-interactive forms.

app to write on pdf

The app is simple in its design with an easier to use interface. More so, you can customize the settings to change the color, thickness, size, redo, undo, and other more options. Furthermore, the app has the standard features such as commenting, signing, filling out forms, drawing, and other pleasant extra features such as cloud storage, Text Reflow view, and text-to-speech.

4. Adobe Acrobat Reader

The newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader comes with powerful scanning and editing features. Adobe Acrobat Reader lets you write on a PDF file. You can add comments to the PDF by adding sticky notes, drawings, highlights, and markup texts with annotation tools. The annotations or the comments that you insert in your PDF file can be saved in the PDF, and you can open and edit them on your Android device.

write on pdf app

The program is focused on speed and simplicity, and it has a quick search and zooming tools, which are significant for Android phones. Other advantages of the app are that it arranges documents correctly and it permits document sharing.

5. PDF Reader

PDF reader provides one of the best solutions to writing in PDFs. It offers PDF annotation and editing options that make it easier for you to add changes to your PDF file. More so, it provides you an option to convert PDFs to other formats so that you can edit the document in other apps if you need.

write on pdf app

With the PDF Reader, you can edit PDF files by adding some texts, notes, and comments. You can also highlight important text in a PDF, and you can add page numbers to make the PDF look more organized than before. PDF reader has a smooth navigation and a user-friendly interface. More so, it has advanced PDF Text Reflow.

Best Desktop Tool to Write on PDF for Windows and Mac

PDFelement is the best app to write on PDF in devices with Windows operating systems. The tool has excellent scanning; editing and annotation tools that make it easier to make changes or add information to PDF files. The software has significant advantages that make it unique for managing PDFs. With the PDFelement for Windows, you can create custom stamps, and add notes in a PDF file.

write on pdf app for windows mac

Moreover, you can strikeout, underline and highlight text in a PDF. Besides, the tool allows you to apply passwords to your PDF so that nobody can make changes after you have inserted your comments in it. Additionally, the software lets you remove any sensitive text or image from your document. You can also insert new pages to your PDF, and you can add headers and footers to make your PDF appear more organized. Lastly, the OCR assist in recognizing texts, images, and numbers in your PDF thus making it easier to search and edit the PDF.

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