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Top 5 Android Web to PDF Converter Apps

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While online, you might save a copy of a html webpage as a bookmark. But there are several drawbacks with bookmarking a webpage. One of them is that you can only access the page when you have an Internet connection. But what if you want to access it offline? This article will outline the top 5 Web to PDF converters on Android. If you're interested in finding out free PDF to Web Converters on iOS instead, click here.

Top 5 Android Web to PDF Converters

1. Web to PDF

Web to PDF is an app that can generate PDFs from any webpage. The app has two main tabs - the Create and Browse tab. Hitting the Create tab lets you input the URL of the website you want to save. At the upper right hand corner, you'll find the Generate tab, which will let you generate a PDF. The Browse tab is where you can view PDFs of the saved web-pages. Long-tapping one of the PDFs offers you the option to open, send, rename or delete it.

Web to PDF

As the name suggests, this app converts web pages to PDF files with an easy to use interface. One of the advantages of using this web page to PDF converter app is its built-in web browser. Additionally, the PDF files produced are very clean and well formatted, and can be shared easily via email, Dropbox, Google Drive and more.

One shortcoming of the app, however, are the advertisements that appear below the screen. Although the number of advertisements is minimal, they can still be distracting. The app also lacks the ability to set file parameters.

2. Convert web to PDF

The Convert web to PDF app caters to those who want to convert any website to PDF for offline reading. Upon opening the app, you can see that there is a text field where you can insert the URL you want to convert to PDF. Pressing the Convert button will generate your PDF files.

Convert web to PDF

In the upper right-hand corner, you'll find the Downloads and Settings icons, respectively. The Downloads screen is where all the PDFs are stored. Long-tapping an item allows you to share, delete, or open the file. Some of the sharing options available are email, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Bluetooth.

The Settings icon allows you to select options such as Insert Table of Contents, Hide Background PDF when exporting, export PDF in grayscale, export PDF in high quality, No export image to PDF, and Export only text to PDF.

An advantage of using this app is its capabilities for customization. This feature allows you to set different parameters for how you want the PDFs to look. Additionally, the app lets the users view PDFs within the app itself.

The advertisements inside the app can be a bit distracting. Also, there is no built-in web browser, so you have to copy the URL from another web browser and paste it into the app. One issue is that when pasting a very long URL into the text field, the link gets cut off.

3. Website to PDF

Website to PDF gives you the ability to set file parameters for each PDF. If you want additional features such as selecting paper size and orientation, this app is great for that as well. Like some of the others, this app also has somewhat irritating advertisements, including a banner at the top of the main screen, a large button at the bottom advertising to buy the full version at the bottom of the screen, and a full screen advertisement when you open a saved PDF. Additionally, there is a sponsored logo that appears at the bottom of each page of the PDF. In order to remove advertisements, you need to pay and upgrade to the full version.

Website to PDF

4. Web to PDF saver

As the name suggests, Web to PDF saver saves web pages to PDF for offline reading from your Android device. This app lets you insert a URL to save it to a PDF. It also allows you to select the destination directory of the PDF. Clicking the Save button converts the web page to PDF.

Web to PDF saver

If you want the ability to set file parameters, you might prefer a different app. Also, there is no built-in PDF viewer within the app so the user needs to go outside of the app to view the generated PDF. Plus, advertisement banners can be seen at the bottom of the screen. It also takes a bit more time to convert the webpage to PDF using this application. It is not as fast as other apps mentioned in this list.


URL to PDF is a feature-rich app. You simply insert the URL and click on the Convert button to generate the PDF. There is a wide array of configurations to choose from. These include the option to define PDF parameters such as background, table of contents, grayscale, quality, images, orientation and media print. You can also define items in the header such as page numbers, date, URL, etc. you can also choose User-Agent for the conversion as well. User-Agent includes iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome or Internet Explorer. Plus, PDF files can be received by email.


The app has a built-in file browser where you can view saved PDFs. It is very useful for people who want a free web page to PDF converter that is packed with many features. Not only does it convert a webpage to PDF, it also allows the user to create a link where the PDF can be downloaded online and easily shared.

Although the app has many features, there are several issues with the app as well. First, there are the advertisements. Second, some features like the Clean Page option are still in experimental stage, so it does not always work reliably. Lastly, the PDF download links may expire depending on the space available on the developers' server.

Best Desktop Web to PDF Creator ─ PDFelement

PDFelement offers you a level of freedom many other PDF editors don’t. With a beautiful user interface that makes using the software a joy and an abundance of tools and features that allows you to create PDFs from web pages, PDFelement is one of the best web to PDF creators you can find available today.

pdf converter

Apart from serving as a web to PDF converter/creator though, PDFelement also allows you edit the created PDF allowing you to make changes to page arrangement, images and basically any other content in the PDF.


  • Edit PDFs: PDFelement lets you not only create PDF files from web pages, but you also edit the created PDF, giving you the opportunity to properly format and arrange the new document.
  • Digi-Sign: PDFelement also comes with the digi-sign feature with lets you digitally sign PDF documents.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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