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Detailed Instructions on PDF Electronic Signature in 2024

Even though the present world has become advanced, the technology used by hackers continues to grow as well. Having control over one's data and sensitive information is important so that we are one step ahead. To save the documents from being manipulated and modified, Electronic Signatures are the way out of it.

The PDF sign does the charm if the user is looking for ways to make their business tactics and strategies safe from prying eyes. It is an ink signature on a file document but more secure than a physical paper signature. It is a legal way of getting signatures and approval from relevant focal persons.

Stay with us as we explore this article to know how an Electronic Signature works and related information.

Part 1: The Uses and Legal Stature of Electronic Signature

Digital signatures have become a thing now, and people are turning towards them. As the reliability of a file is ensured through PDF sign, the unknown sources stand no chance against it. The section reflects upon the introduction, uses, and legal standing of digital signatures.

1.1. Introduction of Electronic Signature and its Types

To define an electronic signature, consider it a digital signature representing the name or surname of a person. It is a virtual fashion to take approval and consent of different officials as done through classic handwritten signatures.

what is electronic signature

Furthermore, a PDF sign is a legally binding and effective way to verify the person's identity and acknowledge that the document has been received. It states the signer's intent and makes them responsible for adhering to the document's terms and conditions. The basic electronic signature is protected from a cryptographic digital signature.

The different types of electronic signatures are:

Simple Electronic Signature (SES)

The first type of e-signature is a Simple Electronic Signature. A Simple Electronic Signature is information in electronic form attached to some signature logically. Being less secured and protected by other forms of electronic signature, it is not possible to identify the legal standing of such signatures.

Advanced Electronic Signature (AES)

The next on the list is Advanced Electronic Signature. This type of electronic signature lets the user detect if the data is tampered with and modified. With that, one can identify the signatory and use cryptographic keys to keep the information secure. It also guarantees the sole control of the signatory at all times.

Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

The Qualified Electronic Signature is defined as the advanced electronic signature which is issued by qualified e-signature devices. These devices have their foundation over a qualified certificate used in electronic signature. Offering more security controls, QES minimizes the burden of proof in case of legal conflict.

1.2. Legal Standing of an Electronic Signature

A digital signature enhances the document's legality and carries the same impact as of pen and ink signature. However, it is essential to ensure five elements that will maintain the document's legal status.

legal standing of digital signatures

Identification of the Signatory

It is vital to verify the signatory's identity to ensure that an electronic signature's legal status is intact. One can incorporate electronic ID, email, phone number, and bank IDs for this cause.

How much security the users require is directly related to the system's strict and solid identity controls. Digital Certificates are one of the most promising methods to check the certificate owner's validity and identity.

Content and Intent of the Parties

The parties' intention is the next thing that affects the legal standing of digital signature and PDF sign. It is necessary to ensure that the signer had aimed to use an electronic signature to show approval. One can do so by giving the parties option if they want to choose paper or PDF sign. The user has to be sure that all the parties involved follow and commit to the signed contract.

Moreover, if more than one party is involved, the contract will be legally binding if they sign and approve the document's content and its clauses.

Data Integrity after Electronic Signature

The protection of a cloud document after the electronic signature is another crucial part of its legal status. After the signature, the user must perform some practices preventing data tampering, modification, and duplication. A digital signature based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) protects the data and creates non-repudiation.

The two bits of code are generated through this system. The private key remains with the signatory of the document. On the other hand, the public key stays with the official who has to verify the reliability of the digital signatures.

With that, multiple other methods can be put to use for checking the authenticity of the document. These methods include IP Address Capture, account creation, login requirements, and two-step verification for signers and signatories.

Digital Capture

To make the PDF sign legally binding over a cloud document, it is required that the digital capture is ensured. The system has to provide a graphic or text element displaying the electronic process before the signature. It may also include a recording, electronic sound, and symbol.

Retention after Digital Signature

The last but not the least way is to ensure that the cloud document, which is legally binding, revolves around retention. It is mandatory that the document has to be reproducible by all the parties involved. Retention also plays an essential part in complying with rules and regulations and for enforcing later.

1.3. Use Case Scenario of Electronic Signature

Before going any further, it is necessary to go through the use cases of electronic signatures. Some of them are given below.

digital signature use cases

Legal Agreements and Tax Returns

As e-signatures are legally binding, they can be used in legal agreements such as rental agreements and intellectual property. The hectic process of filing taxes is also eased utilizing this system.

Internet Banking and Passwords

An appropriate level of security is achieved in internet banking via electronic signatures. PINs, passwords, and code play a pivotal role in verifying the signatory's identity.

Legal Documents and Approvals

The contracts like bills and confidentiality agreements are made effortlessly through digital signature. The customer approvals and sales contracts take lesser time if they are signed virtually.

Part 2: All-In-One Digital Signature Solution: PDFelement

With the market swarming up with web applications and software of all sorts, the section discusses one of them. The performance and workability of PDFelement will be the crux of the section while shedding some light on the problem-solving technique of digital signature.

2.1. PDFelement and How Does it Work?

Wondershare PDFelement is software that promises ease in a user's life. Offering all-in-one PDF solutions and a dream work environment, PDFelement loves to redact sensitive information. It constitutes advanced tools that convert the image texts into editable texts. This amazing software has also performed well when it comes to electronic signatures.

Wondershare PDFelement App

Your easy and powerful PDF editor app to read, edit, convert, annotate, sign, and share PDFs on iPhone/iPad/Android.

Wondershare PDFelement App

Your easy and powerful PDF editor app to read, edit, convert, annotate, sign, and share PDFs on iPhone/iPad/Android.

Wondershare PDFelement is an all-rounder tool built explicitly for iOS users. It lets the user sign, annotate, and spend more time writing instead of formatting. To know more about the features provided by PDFelement, have a look below.

  • This viable application lets the user play with the overall capacity of the editor window. One can draw shapes, alter the border color and its thickness.

  • In addition, the software allows the user to rotate, copy, delete, and extract the image already existing in the document.

  • With excellent multitasking capabilities, launch the app in split view with another app and get the fun of both software.

  • The reading experience is flawless through PDFelement as it reorders, rotates, and deletes the PDF pages as per will.

Moving on, the steps below offer a complete procedure sketched out for PDFelement users.

Step 1: Choosing the Target Document

To begin, launch Wondershare PDFelement from your iOS device. Now, files appear on the interface. Pick out the documents that you wish to sign. Click on them.

choose your pdf document

Step 2: Creating the Electronic Signature

Now, tag on the document to start drawing the signature. Hit on the "Pen" icon located at the top menu bar. Tag on the "Pen" icon and from the floating bar. Tap to sign the PDF. You can also customize the size or change the color of your signature.

create and customize your signature

Step 3: Saving Process

After the signature is drawn, place them wherever you want to. Adjust the size and click on "Save" to conclude the process.

save your signature pdf

2.2. Problems Solved with Electronic Signature Feature of PDFelement

The digital signatures play a significant role in solving a wide range of problems in daily life. For user's aid, the section presents some of them.

Limited Risk and More Security

The electronic signature offers more security and establishes a robust verification system that lets you trace the document. A legally valid e-signature ensures confidence in one's work.

Time and Cost-Effective

The time is saved as physical storage, printing, and signing process is handled by electronic signatures. Count on it for being cost-effective as a paperless process consumes no penny.

Paperless Work Stance

With this system, there is no need to meet clients for paperwork. The user can get rid of office space and all the effort that came with maintaining it.

Part 3:Concluding Remarks

The PDF Digital Signature has become the need of the hour. The correct usage of this can ensure the safety of a wide range of customer and entrepreneur documents. The sensitive data demands that we take care of it and do not let hackers gain access to it and manipulate it.

Therefore, making e-signs part and parcel of lives shall never leave you in a lurch. The user can install PDFelement and other related software to make their life facile, secure, and protected.