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Steps to Convert PDF on iOS 13

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Simple Steps to Annotate PDF on iOS 13

1. Download PDFelement for iOS free

2. Open the Document

3. Start Conversion

4. Select Output Format

5. Check the Output File

PDFelement for iOS is an iPhone 12/11/XR/XS/8/7/6 application that converts, annotates, scans, merges, edits and fills PDF forms. It has a friendly, intuitive and simple user interface. You can use this PDF converter to transfer files, since it integrates with numerous cloud services such as Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, among others.

PDFelement for iOS is the best iOS 13 PDF converter because it allows the conversion of PDFs to multiple other formats such as Text, Word, HTML, XML, PowerPoint, RTF, and Excel in your iPad or iPhone. Therefore, it is the ultimate PDF converter for iPad and iPhone on iOS 13.

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More Features

As mentioned above, PDFelement for iOS does a lot more than just convert PDF on iPhone iOS 13. It has special features that enable all these other functionalities. The editing feature enables you to manipulate the text aspects to suit your preferences. You can delete, move, add or remove texts as you change their color, font, or style.

The comment and collaborate feature annotates. You can annotate with sticky notes, or just underline, strikethrough or highlight the points of interest. On the other hand, the fill and sign form feature helps you sign forms electronically, after filling the text fields.

How to Convert PDF on iOS 13

1. Download PDFelement for iOS Free

This iOS 13 app converts PDF to word and other formats for free. Therefore, download and install PDFelement for iOS on your iPhone or iPad without any expenses. The only requirement is a reliable internet connection to download and install without hitches. Since this version is meant to be compatible with iDevices, the process should be smooth.

2. Open the Document

To convert PDF iOS 13, your document should be opened in the PDFelement for iOS. Therefore, begin by opening this PDF converter for iPad and iPhone on iOS 13. Then proceed to open the respective PDF file that needs to be converted; simply tap it using your finger.

3. Start Conversion

To start to convert PDF, iPhone app on iOS 13 needs some sort of activation. So, head to the “Three Dot” icon situated on the right side and tap to begin the conversion process.

4. Select Output Format

As mentioned earlier, PDFelement for iOS can convert PDFs to multiple formats. With this in mind, you need to be sure of the output format that you need so that you can select and thus specify. The iOS 13 PDF converter makes things easier for you by displaying a list of the possible output formats on the screen.

Therefore, select the desired output format by choosing from the list and then clicking the “Start” button. The conversion will be complete within seconds.

5. Check the Output File

Although PDFelement for iOS is a reliable and trustworthy PDF converter for iPad and iPhone on iOS 13, it is always wise to check and confirm the output file. To do this, access the application’s Home screen and select the “Convert” folder. You should be able to access the converted file in the output folder in the format you selected.

Other PDF Converter for iOS 13

1. Scannable Evernote

Scannable Evernote is another PDF converter for iPad and iPhone on iOS 13 that can convert PDF iOS 13. It allows the scanning of multiple files including paper documents, business cards, multi-page documents, receipts, and sketches. After the scanning process is complete, the iOS 13 PDF converter automatically files and organizes the resulting files and images in an Evernote account.

The scans are usually cropped automatically to delete backgrounds and go further to enhance the text so that it becomes readable. Therefore, you can rely on Scannable Evernote to convert PDF on iPhone iOS 13 since it is a reliable alternative.

Download it at https://itunes.apple.com/ke/app/evernote-scannable/id883338188?mt=8.

2. PDF Export Lite

PDF Export Lite is also one of the best PDF converters that can convert PDF on iPhone iOS 13. It uses the camera on your iPhone to scan your document and convert it to PDF format. Aside from converting documents to PDF and vice versa, this PDF converter for iPad and iPhone on iOS 13 can handle other functionalities such as scanning, splitting and merging PDF documents.

As this application in iOS 13 converts PDF, it incorporates some add-ons, which enhance its functionality. PDF Export Lite’s prominent features handle the creation of PDF files that can be protected through passwords.

Download it at https://itunes.apple.com/ke/app/pdf-export-lite/id633275113?mt=8.

3. PDF Converter Pro

PDF Converter Pro can convert PDF on iPhone iOS 13 securely and accurately. It converts not only the paper documents into PDFs but also images, webpages, messages and contacts into single PDF files. This iOS 3 PDF converter further integrates with multiple cloud services including Evernote so that you access files stored in the cloud.

To make your work easier, PDF Converter Pro also lets you transfer your files through the Wi-Fi connection so that you can share files with workmates or schoolmates. Additionally, this PDF converter for iPad and iPhone on iOS 13 can also merge different PDF files.

Download it at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pdf-converter-reader-for-pdf/id1124926465.

4. Document Manager Pro and PDF Converter

The PDF converter for iPad and iPhone on iOS 13, Document Manager Pro and PDF Converter, is good at PDF management and conversion. It helps in the management of diverse documents including PDFs and converts them to and from PDF format. This iOS 13 app convert PDF to word and other Microsoft office and iWork files without hitches.

Additionally, Document Manager Pro and PDF Convertor’s converted files can be opened in numerous other applications and also transferred from one iDevice to another through the iCloud service. Therefore, if you are looking for an iOS 3 PDF converter, you can rely on this application.

Download it at https://appshop.transportlab.org/en/product/5117/.

iOS and Desktop PDF Editor

The fascinating PDF editor, PDFelement for Mac, is a complete PDF solution that you can use in your Mac. It has is also usable in your iDevices through the iOS version, which improves its flexibility. Therefore, PDFelement for Mac is the best choice because it gives one the opportunity to utilize powerful PDF tools at your convenience. If carrying your Mac becomes a nuisance for you, you can still proceed with PDF manipulation on your iDevices since they are more portable.

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Working with PDFelement for Mac is quick, secure and affordable. The features of this application ensure that functionalities are completed to perfection, leaving you with professional or academic great-looking PDF documents. These features allow the conversion of PDFs to and from other formats like Excel and Word, among others.

They also make the creation of PDFs easy and thus make archiving of documents possible. PDFelement for Mac instantly and accurately exports data from the scanned paper work to make it digital office files that can be analyzed. Single PDF creation also happens in other ways like extraction of data from other documents.

Which Can Help You Better - iOS or Desktop PDF Editor

Product Features PDFelement for iOS
ios pdf editor
PDFelement for Mac
mac pdf editor
Edit PDF Files
Convert PDF Files
Annotations and Comments
Create PDF Files
Sign PDF Files
Add Watermarks, Backgrounds, Headers and Footers
Add Bookmarks
Access to Hundreds of PDF Templates
Added Page Labeling
Search and Replace
Adjustable Page Boxes

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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