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Practical and workable communication is the need of the hour, and without that, we stand nowhere. From an infant to teen and adult to old, everyone needs to express themselves using symbols, signs, texts, and images. Annotation tools aids in communication when it comes to the digital world.

To add content, comments, notes, and relevant thoughts to the PDF document, one uses additional functions offered by a wide range of applications and software. The PDF annotator helps in sharing our concerns like a pro. The article articulates the use cases of annotating PDFs, covers annotation functions, and introduces PDFelement .

So, without taking any more time, let us get to the crux of the article.

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Part 1: Where Should You Consider Annotating PDFs on iOS?

Before going any further, the first question that comes into our mind is why a person needs to annotate PDFs on his iOS device. The user can easily add comments in MS Word. The problem appears when you can not do the same in PDF. However, with the annotation tools, one can insert notes and communicate the concern at the very moment.

when you should use pdf annotator

The article provides insight into use case scenarios of annotating PDF iOS/iPad and how it makes our life facile.

Marking Books and Important Places

PDF annotator allows the user to mark essential places on an eBook or a novel. As the PDF document can not be edited and changed, the small notes on the content side help the reader understand the book better. The player can highlight or underline any necessary content and valuable information.

In addition, if you are the writer of the book, you can send your eBook to the editor and ask for suggestions. It saves the money spent on printing manuscripts. Therefore, the usage of annotation cannot be undermined.

Reading Academic Papers

The annotation tools are even more favorable when you are a student going through your bachelor's or Ph.D. thesis. The PDF annotator does the trick as the student has to go through a wide range of literature to make solid grounds for the thesis.

The student can read through the content, mark the important text, and write questions that come into the mind. With that, the user can also insert a sticky note to be cited in the thesis report.

Artwork and Designs

As far as design and artwork are concerned, most designers utilize the PDF format to keep their outputs in the best quality possible. Making the best use of annotation tools, the focal person can review the design and suggest improving the artwork. The system plays a vital role in keeping quality intact while communicating the concerns effortlessly.

Along with this, the catalog design comprises images and content. The employer can ask the designer to change the orientation of the photos and recommend some alterations.

Magazine Reviews

Magazine Industry is yet another crucial segment of society. To annotate PDF iOS/iPad, the user has to go through the print and digital magazines and present critical reviews. This can be done perfectly through annotation tools. It is known that the publication of magazines comes in a wide range of paper stacks.

The recommendation stage shall be hectic if the magazine is printed, annotated, scanned, and then sent periodically. The PDF annotator comes to the rescue and makes the whole process efficient and effortless.

Print Notes

One of the astonishing advantages of PDF annotator is that it limits the printing mess every time a new recommendation and suggestion is surfaced. The designer, student, or creative professional can send their output to the relevant personnel and annotate PDF iOS/iPad.

It is like wasting money on draft printouts as advanced-level annotation tools are present in the market. Collaborate with digital documents and make the whole process cost-effective.

Part 2: Understanding Diversity in Annotation Functions and their Usage

Incorporating annotation tools to proofread, review magazines, and read academic papers has become a thing now. These functions make the process as efficient as possible because the digital documents are sent across servers, and recommendations are received free. Not only this, but the PDF annotator also saves the originality of the work and doesn't let anyone modify it.

type of annotation functions

Therefore, the importance of annotation functions cannot be ignored. The section below offers a detailed preview of such operations and their usage.

  • Highlight: The Highlight function lets the user highlight some section of the text to draw attention towards it.

  • Underscore: Underscore tool is a powerful way to draw a line under the text compel the reader to understand its significance.

  • Strikethrough: This annotation tool is a horizontal line cutting through the text showing its deletion.

  • Shape: The "Shape" function permits the reader to draw different circles, lines, arrows, ovals to emphasize a specific portion of the text.

  • Stamps: Different businesses, brands, and designer can insert their logos in the PDF document to create their recognition. Dates can also be included in this annotation.

  • Signature: To enhance the credibility of the document and annotation, one can incorporate their electronic signature.

  • Sticky Note: The Sticky Note function helps the user provide instructions and comments on the document. It directs the readers to a specific section on the page.

  • Text box: The following annotation function, "Text Box," allows the reader to insert important text in the running document to show its significance.

  • Pencil: The pencil annotation tool offers an easy way to underline text, insert content, draw shapes, and mark lines—this aids in grabbing the audience's attention by storm.

Part 3: How to Annotate on iOS using PDFelement

The importance and need of annotation cannot be undermined as it is the only way to protect the originality of the work. The PDF annotators save time, let the supervisor suggest changes, and free the whole process of stress and depression. With a wide range of software in the market for a similar cause, PDFelement shall be the talk of the town.

Wondershare PDFelement

Simplify how people interact and communicate with PDF documents using intuitive and powerful PDF tools.


PDFelement has created a revolution in the world of creative professionals. Offering multiple features like editing and conversion in other formats, it has a prominent role in making the process effortless for annotations. The user can freely add stamps to create their brand identity and use the text box to communicate the relevant information.

PDFelement accelerates how digital documents are kept, saved, manipulated, and annotated, highlighting to underlining content. If you are unfamiliar with the advantages presented by this productive application, follow our lead below.

  • With an intuitive and user beginner-friendly interface, the PDF element makes the whole process easy and practical.

  • No technical knowledge is required to annotate PDF iOS/iPad through this viable software.

  • The application supports Apple Pencil making it even more workable for iOS users. The "Eraser" tool size can be modified as needed.

  • This intelligent and competitive application can support a wide range of annotating types, making it famous in the market.

As mentioned above, PDFelement is a tool for all, and do not panic if you will use it for the first time. The section features a detailed outlook of the guidelines that the user can follow and annotate like a pro. The procedure is given below:

Step 1: Choosing the Target File

The primary step directs the user to launch Wondershare PDFelement. After the interface appears, the user has to select the targeted file which needed to be annotated.

opening file on pdfelement

Step 2: Annotating the Document

The software offers a wide range of annotation tools. Navigate the different functions such as highlight, stamps, shapes, and adding text boxes. The reader can also insert sticky notes, text markups, drawings, and whatnot. Use Pencil, Marker and Erasers as well to put the emphasis where it is needed.

annotate the document properly

You can choose to annotate text with any color you like. PDFelement for iOS provides a color picker for you to pick a color from your document as the color.

annotate with color picker

Step 3: The Saving Process

The user can see a "Save" icon located in the left corner of the document. After the annotation is used, move the mouse to the "Save" icon and click on it. The document is saved, and your work is done.

save annotated file on pdfelement

Part 4: The Last Verdict

With every new day, a new digital technology sees our ways. These methods all have one thing in common. They ensure the safety of sensitive information, protect the originality of the document, and play a clear role in saving time and money. PDF annotators play a vital role in creating changes in a PDF document.

Through the effective use of annotation tools, the message can be sent to millions of people. The annotation has got you covered if you are a teen reading novels, an adult going through the literature, a designer working on catalogs, or simply a magazine reviewer. Make the process cost-effective, time-saving, and hassle-free through annotation functions and PDF annotators.