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Top 4 PDF to Midi App on iPhone 13 and iPad


2023-07-11 15:09:38 • Filed to: iOS PDF Apps • Proven solutions

When it comes to digital music representation and music production, Midi is a standard in the industry for several reasons which include its small size compared to the other audio formats. Many websites provide huge collections of musical files in PDF format. As a musician, you need an application that will enable you to play the files, or have them converted into music file formats which you can modify using your musical notation software.

Musical scores are formatted in PDF files. You need a PDF to MIDI app to convert them to MIDI format. Here are the 4 best PDF to MIDI apps you can use and 1 best PDF reader to read scores in PDF formats.

1 . Forscore

With Forscore, you can download a new song and play in few seconds. For iPad users, it's the original sheets music reader. As soon as the pdf to midi app is launched, you will discover how it changes your music world. Do not be fooled by the simplicity of the interface, Forscore has got several tools that will help you improve from practical to performance. With just a tap, you can create links for handling repeats, play along to audio tracks, and view your current page's bottom half using half page as well as the upper half of the next page simultaneously, avoiding jarring transitions.

pdf to midi app

It can also import any PDF files from the web and directly connect to services such as Dropbox. They help to organize your library, make turning of pages instantaneous, as well as learn from you in order to give the best experience possible.

Price: $9.99

2. Sheet Music Scanner

The Sheet Music Scanner has a built-in camera that can scan printed sheet music and play it for you.

With this PDF to MIDI app on your iPad device, you can select the instrument, choose a speed, and then enjoy!

convert pdf to midi


  • Export as PDF, audio (WAV, MP3, M4A / AAC), MusicXML, MIDI to cloud storage, to other apps directly or through Airdrop.
  • Playback from any point in your song – tap on the measure, the symbols and notes are highlighted while they are played.
  • Scan and playback from a PDF or images in the Photo library.
  • Note on Import/Export: Supports all cloud storages – One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCLoud, etc. You have to install the proper cloud storage app for it to work.

Price: $3.99

3. SuperScore Music

You can use SuperScore to import PDF (if the optional feature is added). Although MIDI playback and Liquid Music Display are not extended to PDF, there are other features of SuperScore you can enjoy when you use PDF files, such as Collections and the different methods of markups and page-turning. Import PDF files using the “Open/Share” feature of Mail, Dropbox and other similar apps.

pdf to midi converter app

Its annotation features enable you to mark up the scores for performance or practice. By simply tapping on the screen, you can hide or show your markups.

SuperScore files are usually available with backing tracks which offer an immersive real performance experience for professionals and students alike! These files can be played at every tempo, with a flexibility to mute backing tracks.

Price: Free

4. PiaScore

Piascore is a pdf to midi app for browsing any digital musical score. It's an iPhone/iPad application that solves the problems of music performers; no more worries about carrying numerous scores and searching for your favorite.

pdf to midi converter


  • In your score, you can write notes. Pens of 6 colors and 3 sizes, text wring, and easy stamp input are available.
  • The Crop Page feature makes it easy for you to read.
  • It supports Password-protected PDF files.
  • It turns the pages for you automatically.
  • It supports all cloud file services like Dropbox, web search, and camera capturing.
  • It's got great tools for musicians such as voice recorder, music player, chromatic tuner, and virtual keyboard.
  • You can freely rearrange pages. To directly jump a page like repeat, simply put the page jump button on the page.

Price: Free

Read scores in PDF with PDFelement iOS APP

Asides using the pdf to midi apps, you need an app to enable you read and annotate your PDF score files on iPad and iPhone devices. For the best pdf reading experience, we recommend PDFelement for iOS.

read pdf app

PDFelement is a free iPad/iPhone app that's got awesome features such as:

  • Use digital signatures to sign contracts and fill PDF forms such as business forms and tax forms with ease
  • Fully compatible with iPad/iPhone
  • Convert PDF to Microsoft Office formats and HTML,EPUB, XML,TXT, PAGES and RTF
  • Take notes on documents quickly by integrating stamps, text boxes, sticky notes, and comments
  • Send PDF files to Dropbox, One Drive, Mail, etc
  • Add footers, headers, backgrounds and watermarks to your PDF files

With the above list of pdf to midi apps, you no longer have worries about converting pdf files to midi as a musician using an iPad/iPhone device.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!


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