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Top 5 PDF Expert Alternatives for Android 2024


2023-12-19 17:45:18 • Filed to: Free Apps • Proven solutions

PDF Expert 5, developed by Readdle, is the most downloaded app for iPhone and iPad with all-in-one PDF solution. PDF expert 5 has so many tools to use, and they are all just one tap away. PDF expert 5 is a place where you can store all your files including the online services like Google Drive and Drop box, email attachments or any local file on the desktop. However, PDF Expert 5 is not available to Android users so Android users may have to find its alternatives in the Android market. In this article, I will review on top 5 PDF Expert alternatives for Android.

Top List of PDF Expert Alternatives for Android

1. PDFelement

PDFelement for Andorid is the best PDF Expert alternative to annotate PDF files on Android devices. It provides wide selection of annotating tools like highlighter, strike though, underline and call-out.

app to write on pdf

PDFelement Android App makes you more productive with revolutionary reading experience. You can markup PDF documents by adding highlighter, underline, or strikthrough tools. Or you can add shapes and pencil tools to emphasize your comments. Also, you can run searches to help you quickly find specific items in your PDF file. By tapping on the hyperlinks in your PDF files, you will be directed to external websites.


PDF max boasts that it is PDF Expert for Android as it enables you to manage PDF documents very easily. It is designed for you who want everything related to PDF documents in one app. With PDF MAX edit mode, you can edit PDF documents, insert images or text into PDF, and extract PDF pages separately.

android pdf expert

The best feature of PDF MAX is known as Text Reflow. With this feature, you can easily read PDF documents without any zoom steps. With PDF MAX Text to Speech, you don't need to keep your eyes on the screen all the time. This feature lets the reader to read document for you.

However, as we know that nothing can be perfect in the world. This app does have some drawbacks. It doesn't open files from Gmail and crashes a lot.

3. Fill and Sign PDF Forms

As PDF expert apps, they should be able to read PDF files and edit PDF files. Fill and Sign PDF Forms is another PDF expert app that you can use as a PDF reader to read PDF documents and edit PDF forms. Sign and Fill PDF Forms is the main feature of this app while editing PDF files is only restricted to adding images, saving PDF files, renaming and deleting PDF files. PDF annotation, PDF text editing and other editing are not supported by this app.

android pdf expert app

4. Foxit MobilePDF

Foxit is a PDF software brand as to know all. Foxit MobilePDF is its Android version with easy and beautiful interface. You can easily access, share and annotate PDF files on Android devices. Foxit MobilePDF runs on the same technology as Foxit Reader, so you have the same experience with that on the computer.

pdf expert 5 android

Foxit MobilePDF has so many useful features and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Open password-protected file.
  • Smooth Scrolling.
  • Double tap zoom.
  • Open large PDF files.
  • View modes like Single page view, Continuous page view and Thumbnails view.
  • Text Reflow.
  • Share PDF documents through emails.
  • Built-in Pencil tool to draw and erase.
  • Search the specific text within the file.
  • Highlight and strike out the text.

5. PocketBook Reader

PocketReader gives the best note taking experience. You can read your PDF documents, search the specific text and highlight the important information. It has a unique and friendly interface.

pdf expert app for android

Let's have a look at the main features of PocketReader:

  • Fast scrolling
  • Go to next page by swiping and double tap or use volume keys to zoom in and out
  • Highlight the text and search the text within the file for desired information
  • Auto display brightness

The one thing which you don't like in the app is its ABBY Lingvo dictionary which is very large and complex.

6. Xodo - PDF Reader & Annotator

Xodo - PDF Reader & Annotator enables you to read and edit PDF files. And users can share the PDF documents with friends, colleagues, and clients easily. Signing and filling out a form from your clients and sending to them can be done with some taps. When you are reading PDF documents, you can highlight, delete and search the text you want. It is also a PDF converter that you can convert other document formats to PDF, print PDF files, and create new PDF files.

pdf expert for android app

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!


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