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How to Annotate PDF on Windows and Mac

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How to annotate PDF is becoming part of life. Usually, digital files, studying materials, contracts, receipt, dissertations, thesis, and even eBooks are unique when in the PDF format. However, this task needs to be performed by an experienced editor. But hiring the best experts make the person part with a lot of cash. Therefore, it is convenient for a person to perform the task by yourself. In this tutorial, I will show you how to annotate PDF in fast way.

Best PDF Annotator that You Can't Miss

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Wondershare PDFelement is the most cost-efficient PDF solution in the market. With much lower price than Adobe Acrobat and Foxit, PDFelement provide you the same features and quality. You can edit PDF with note, sticky note, highlight area, underline, strickthrough, stamps, free-hand drawing, links, images etc.

PDFelement is also a great PDF converter and PDF creator. You can convert PDF document to any other formats you need. It also can create and combine any format files into PDF files. With powerful features, it also have a simple and user-friendly interface. Besides, PDFelement supports multiple systems and you can annotate PDF on your Windows, Mac and iOS platform.

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How to Annotate a PDF on Windows

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