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Having the right PDF markup tool at hand means a smooth PDF editing process. With an efficient PDF markup tool, you can highlight and organize your PDF documents easily and quickly. Several organizations find PDF markup tool handy because of the amazing benefits it brings. For instance, students and lecturers can add comments or highlight points on notes without stress.

Countless software programs/toolkits claim to offer great markup services. Selecting the best can be sometimes tricky. But as experts, we will share with you 6 top-quality free PDF markup online and offline tools, like Markup Hero and Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor and etc. So continue reading to find out!

pdf markup online

Part 1. Free PDF Markup Online Tools

Here are the best 3 PDF online mark-up tools available in the market today:

1. Markup Hero


● Windows

● Mac

● Linux

● Chrome

Free Plan
Premium Plan ● Superhero- $4/month

● Integrates with several browsers and productivity tools like Google Chrome, and Slack respectively.

● Provides end-users with a comprehensive user interface for smooth operation.

● Allows you to take screenshots, and edit PDFs & images.

● Supports OCR feature so you can easily copy texts from image-based documents.

● Access markup documents from anywhere with any internet-enabled device.


● Markup Hero is a non-installable tool.

● Without a data connection, you cannot access the platform.

Markup Hero is one of the best PDF markup online tools designed with incredible features that you need to annotate your PDF documents. This cloud-based PDF solution lets you highlight, crop, adjust font sizes, import signatures, and more on your PDFs without hassles.

Additionally, you can count on Markup Hero to take screenshots on your Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome operating systems with high quality. Also, it allows you to copy texts from images and scanned documents without hassles- thanks to the built-in OCR.

How To Markup PDF Online With Markup Hero

Here is the illustrative procedure you need to follow to markup your PDF files with Markup Hero:

Step 1 Visit Markup Hero's official website. Click on the blue "Upload Image(s) or PDF" button, select your desired PDF file and then hit the "Open" button.

Alternatively, you can paste the URL link for the PDF document in the space given. Markup Hero will source the document and upload it.

pdf markup online markuphero

Step 2 Locate the markup features at the top menu bar and select one of them to annotate your PDF document. Here is an image showing all of the markup features:

pdf markup online markuphero 2

Step 3 Once you've successfully annotated the document, click on the "Download" button at the top left corner of your screen to export the file to your local storage.

2. XODO - PDF.online


● Windows

● Mac

● Linux

Free Plans
Premium Plans ● XODO PR- $9.00/month

● Ease of function.

● Tons of useful annotation tools.

Cons ● Requires strong data connection for usage.

XODO - PDF.online is another cloud-based document that offers smooth PDF markup services without operating system limits. The software allows you to read, and annotate important PDF documents right from your comfort zone.

It does support incredible PDF editing services. From cropping to merging and deletion of pages from PDFs. In addition, you can also use the tool to fill and sign PDF documents. Furthermore, the software does support PDF conversion as let it's you convert to other document formats such as JPG, PNG, PDF/A, Word, PPT, and more.

How To Markup PDF Online With XODO - PDF.online

Follow the steps below to mark up your PDF files with the XODO PDF editing solution:

Step 1 Visit the official website for XODO- PDF.online, and then click on the "Open File" icon.

pdf markup online xodo

Here is the interface that would appear on your computer screen. Kindly select your preferred media to upload PDF from.

pdf markup online xodo 2

Step 2 After uploading the PDF, click on the drop-down menu and select "Annotate".

pdf markup online xodo 3

Choose your preferred annotation tool, and then annotate the document.

Step 3 Now click on the "Download" button to export the edited document. You can choose to save the edited file on Google Drive. To do that, tap on the drop-down menu beside the "Download" icon and then select your preferred storage path.

pdf markup online-xodo 4

3. AvePDF


● Windows

● Mac

● iPhone & iPad

● Android & Tablet

Free Plan

● Suitable for all operating systems including mobile and PC.

● No installation required.


● Requires a subscription for you to access the majority of the features.

● Frequent downtime in the server which often restrict users access to the platform.

● Users can only upload documents with file size below or equal to 256 MB.

With AvePDF you can also annotate your PDF documents without restrictions on your Windows and Mac computers with high accuracy. It also allows end-users to organize, convert, and merge PDF documents conveniently.

AvePDF offers smooth PDF conversion services. This online tool supports over 100 document formats that you can select from to switch your PDF documents. Operating this tool is easy as it offers a smooth working interface.

How To Markup PDF With AvePDF

Markup your PDF with AvePDF following the stepwise guide given below:

Step 1 Open AvePDF official website, select "Edit PDF" from the features that appear on your screen.

pdf markup online avepdf

On the next screen, click on "Choose File" to import your desired PDF file. Better yet, you could use the online storage services- DropBox, or Google Drive.

pdf markup online avepdf 2

Step 2 Click on the corresponding annotation tool, and then annotate the PDF document to your satisfaction.

pdf markup online avepdf 3

Once you are done, click on "Save".

pdf markup online avepdf 4

Step 3 Now click on "Download" to end the process.

pdf markup online avepdf 5

Part 2. Free PDF Markup Offline Tools

Find below the top 3 PDF markup offline software available in the global market today:

1. Wondershare PDFelement- PDF Editor


● Windows

● Mac

Free Plans
Premium Plans

● Yearly- 79.99

● Perpetual Plan- $129.99


● All-in-one PDF editing solution with a clean working interface.

● Executes all operations fast.

● Edit, create, convert, merge, compress, translate, and sign PDF with zero stress.

● Supports countless annotating tools.

● Read, scan, and extract texts from multiple scanned documents with OCR.

Cons ● Requires installation

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a world-leading PDF editing solution that offers quality markup services to end-users without distorting the content. You can enjoy most of its features with its free plan. With the software, you can highlight, add comments, and sign your PDF files.

Also, you can use texts, shapes, strikethrough, underline, sticky notes and stamps to annotate the PDF files. In addition, this offline PDF markup software allows you to extract the comment pages with one click.

Wondershare PDFelement have rich editing features and allows end-users to create, combine, split, and compress PDF documents freely. This PDF editing solution supports batch processing for all operations. So whether you need to convert, sign, or protect multiple files, you can do that simultaneously with Wondershare PDFelement.

How To Markup PDF With Wondershare PDFelement

Markup your PDF documents with Wondershare PDFelement following the procedure given below:

Step 1 Go to the official webpage for Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor to download a compatible version of the software on your Windows or Mac computer system. After downloading it, follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

Launch Wondershare PDFelement- PDF Editor after the successful installation and then hit the "Open PDF" icon to import your desired PDF files.

pdf markup online alternative pdfelement

Step 2 Locate the "Comment" icon at the top menu bar, click on it, and then select your desired annotation tool underneath.

pdf markup online alternative pdfelement 2

If you wish to highlight your texts, kindly tap on the Highlight button.

pdf markup online alternative pdfelement 3

If you aren't comfortable with the highlight color, you can change it. All you need to do is click on the drop-down menu beside the "Highlight" button and then select your desired color.

Step 3 Once you are done with markup, kindly export the document to your local storage. To do that, click on the "File" icon at the top left corner of your computer screen, and click on the "Save" button.

Check out the video given below and learn more about one of the best PDF editors of all time.

2. Acrobat Pro DC


● Windows

● Mac

Free Plan
Premium Plan

● Acrobat Standard- $14.94/month

● Acrobat Pro- $22.99/month


● Robust PDF conversion formats such as Word, JPG, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

● Allows you to fill out forms, sign, edit, and share PDF documents with ease.

● Suitable for all computer systems without operating system restrictions.

Cons ● Most of the features are premium based.

Here is another PDF markup software that supports offline editing services on several operating systems. Adobe Pro DC allows end-users to add & delete comments, highlight texts, and more. This software boasts robust PDF editing features. Fix typographical & grammatical errors, format layouts, import images, and more with Adobe Pro DC.

It allows you to read, convert, and compress your PDF files. Also, you can rely on Acrobat Pro DC to append signatures on PDFs without compromising the layout. The software supports real-time collaboration from teams as it allows you to share PDFs without stress.

How To Markup PDF With Adobe Pro DC

Install Adobe Pro DC on your computer system via the official website, launch the software, and then follow the set of instructions below to markup your PDF documents offline:

Step 1 Click on the "File" button at the top left corner of your screen, select "Open", and then choose your preferred PDF file to annotate.

pdf markup online alternative adobe

Step 2 Once the PDF uploads to Adobe Pro DC, choose an annotation tool at the top menu bar and then annotate the PDF.

pdf markup online alternative adobe 2

Step 3 Locate and click on the "File" icon again and then select "Save As". Adobe Pro DC will send the edited file to your computer's local drive.

pdf-markup online alternative adobe 3

3. PDF Expert


● Mac

● iPhone

● iPad

Free Plan
Premium Plan

● Yearly at $6.67

● Lifetime subscription $139.99


● Accessible via all Apple devices like Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

● PDF Expert has an intuitive user interface for easy annotation of PDF documents.

● It allows you to read, add comments, convert, append signatures, and edit PDF documents.

Cons ● PDF Expert isn't available for download on Windows operating systems and Android mobile devices.

PDF Expert is another great PDF markup software with outstanding features that you can choose from to adjust your documents. This software works on a variety of operating systems such as Mac computers. It lets you add annotations and comments to any part of a PDF document. The software does allow you to highlight, underline, and rephrase the written content on a PDF file without stress.

You can also employ the services of PDF Expert to convert PDFs between document formats. The software supports output formats like JPG, Word, Excel, and more. Sign, compress, and fill out documents within the snap of a finger using this PDF markup offline tool. Also, PDF Expert does allow end-users to read/view PDF files.

How To Markup PDF With PDF Expert

On your Mac computer, launch your preferred web browser and surf the internet for PDF Expert. Download and install the software, launch it and then follow the set of instructions given below to markup your PDF documents with it:

Step 1 When PDF Expert opens, import your desired PDF file.

Step 2 Select an annotation tool under the "Annotate" tab to mark up the document.

pdf markup online alternative pdfexpert

Step 3 After annotation, save the document to your local drive.


With the top 6 PDF markup tools introduced, you can annotate, manage and organize your PDF documents conveniently. All PDF solutions offer great services to end-users. Our recommended version remains Wondershare PDFelement- PDF Editor because of the amazing features it holds. The pricing is fair enough for anyone to afford.

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