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PDF Annotator vs. Wondershare PDFelement: Which is the best PDF annotator?

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PDF files are popular because they cannot be easily altered and can be easily shared across different platforms. While there are many operations you can carry on a PDF file to meet your needs, one such important operation is PDF annotation.

Annotating a PDF is adding comments, notes, or shapes to the content of PDF files to explain or emphasize certain content. Annotation also makes it seamless and faster to perform real-time collaboration with teammates. There are many PDF annotation tools in the market, and it is easy to get confused if you are a newbie. Fortunately, this article compares the two popular annotation tools: PDF Annotator and Wondershare PDFelement.

pdf annotation vs wondershare pdfelement

Comparing PDF Annotator vs. Wondershare PDFelement

PDF Annotator, as the name suggests, is a dedicated PDF annotator and one of the finest tools to annotate PDFs. This program provides several PDF annotation features that help users easily comment, highlight, add notes, draw, underline PDF, and add signatures to their files. The list of annotation features is all available under the tools section.

PDF annotator is compatible with Windows versions, from Windows 7 to the latest Windows 11. It offers a free version and other unlimited subscriptions. Although the interface is closely packed, it is still simple enough for users to navigate easily. If you need additional PDF features, this program allows you to directly upload your PDF to another PDF tool on your device.

pdf annotator interface

Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor is a powerful PDF annotator. Unlike PDF annotator, this tool is designed for all types of PDF functions. It is not just limited to PDF annotation. However, PDFelement offers plenty of PDF annotation tools ranging from basic to advanced PDF annotation features.

It easily becomes the best alternative to a PDF annotator because it offers annotation features and other PDF features on the same platform. Therefore, you don't need to hire a third-party tool. This all-in-one PDF software allows users to comment, highlight, add text markups, underline and strikethrough, add drawings and attachments, edit comment properties, and delete annotations. The list of annotation features is long.

The good thing with Wondershare PDFelement is that it is fast and compatible with several devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The interface is modern and eye-catchy. Newbies and seasoned users navigate without challenges. If you need more complex editing and annotation, this complete package will surely give you a new dimension to how you handle your PDF files.

pdf annotation tool wondershare pdfelement

Please find the table below to comparing PDF Annotator with Wondershare PDFelement.

PDF Annotator
Wondershare PDFelement
Annotation Features It has several annotation features, including comments, highlights, designs and drawings, signatures, and corrections. It has plenty of annotation features. You will get virtually all the annotation features you want from a PDF tool. These include comments, notes, attachments, drawings, signatures, corrections, and text markups.
Other PDF Editing Features It is designed for annotation. Only basic editing features are available. It allows you to open the file with another PDF editor for more editing features. It is an all-in-one PDF editor. Besides annotation, there are many other PDF features, including PDF editing. You can edit texts, images, links, add watermarks, bate numbers, and OCR.
Pricing Plan It has a free and premium version that goes for $69.95 per user annually. It has a free trial version with plenty of features. It also provides different affordable premium packages. The yearly plan goes for $79.99, while the perpetual plan is available for $129.99.
Compatibility It is compatible with Windows OS. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
Ease of use It is easy to use. The icons are elaborate and easy to access. It is easy to use. The icons are well-organized and uncongested. Newbies and experts alike can navigate with ease.
Language support It supports multiple languages. However, the default language is set to the one used by the operating system. It supports over 25 different languages.
Cross-Platform Collaboration It allows users to upload PDFs to other programs directly. It allows users to collaborate across different platforms, including PC and mobile devices.
User Interface It has a simple interface. The icons are closely packed. The interface is well-organized and looks modern. It is eye-catchy, and the icons are quite clear to follow.

Detailed Comparison Between PDF Annotator and Wondershare PDFelement

Looking into the several aspects of PDF annotator and Wondershare PDFelement makes it easy to choose a suitable tool for your PDF annotation. Your choice will then depend on your needs. Some of the most important areas for comparison of these two PDF annotators are discussed below.

Underline & Strikethrough

PDF Annotator allows users to underline or strikethrough texts using the line feature. You simply pick the line feature and draw the line through the text (strikethrough) or under the text (underline). You can choose the desired line color from the several color options.

pdf annotator underline strikethrough

PDFelement, however, provides the strikethrough and underline features separately. You choose the feature and select the texts you want to underline or strikethrough. The feature will automatically apply. This brings consistency, uniformity, and convenience. Again, you can change the underline and strikethrough colors to meet your needs.

pdf annotator pdfelement underline strikethrough


PDF Annotator allows users to highlight desired PDF texts with a "Marker". Users can change the Marker colors to highlight PDF texts per their needs.

pdf annotator text notes

Wondershare PDFelement does its highlighting differently. It gives you special highlighting features to make your highlights stand out. This ensures that your highlights are uniform, consistent, reliable, and professional. You can choose the text highlighter or area highlighter depending on whether you want to highlight specific texts or areas. Again, you can change the highlight properties, including color and opacity.

pdf annotator export annotation

Sticky Notes

PDF Annotator allows users to add notes to a PDF file with the help of the text box. There is no sticky note feature. Therefore, all the information you want to hide in a sticky note will display on the screen.

pdf annotator text notes

PDFelement offers the "Note" feature. You can select it and use it anywhere on your PDF file. This sticky note feature allows users to put lengthy comments and remain hidden in the icon. When you click the icon, open the notes/comments you inserted in that section. The note displays the author's name and the date.

pdf annotator pdfelement text notes

Add Text and Text Box

PDF Annotator lets you add texts into a PDF with the text box feature. You choose the text box, click the target area on the PDF, and start typing desired texts. You can change the font, color, and size of your texts.

pdf annotator text

Wondershare PDFelement allows users to add text without borders or use the text box to add texts with borders. This provides more flexibility and convenience. Furthermore, users can change the text and text border properties to meet their needs.

pdf annotator pdfelement text

Add Shapes (Rectangle, Arrow, Oval, Line. Etc.)

PDF Annotator allows users to add different shapes to a PDF file. These shapes include lines, rectangles, arrows, and ellipses. You can click the added shape to access its properties window to allow you to edit color, line width, line style, fill color, and opacity.

pdf annotator shapes

Wondershare PDFelement offers more shapes. You can add shapes like polygon, cloud, rectangle, arrow, lines, oval, or connected lines. It allows you also to edit the shape properties such as color, fill color, and opacity to meet your needs.

pdf annotator pdfelement shapes

Pencil and Eraser Tools

PDF Annotator has inbuilt pencil and eraser tools. The pencil allows users to write and draw desired shapes on the PDF. Users can change the pencil thickness and color to satisfy their needs. The eraser allows you to erase the text and shapes that you add to the PDF file. You can choose the whole eraser or split stroke eraser to erase the entire object or segments.

pdf annotator pen

PDFelement, on the other hand, provides a simple pencil and eraser tool. The pencil allows you to draw desired shapes with ease and speed. You can change the pencil's width and color. The eraser is also easy to use. It allows users to erase segments.

pdf annotator pdfelement pen

Export Annotation Pages

PDF Annotator allows you to export all your annotations and import them on the new file.

pdf annotator export annotation

PDFelement is designed to handle nearly all PDF functions. It allows users to export annotated PDF pages. You don't need a third-party tool to export your annotation pages with only one-click.

pdf annotator pdfelement export annotation

Which PDF Annotation Tool Is Better?

PDF Annotator is a good PDF annotator tool. This program is specially designed for PDF annotation and offers nearly all the tools you need for PDF annotations. Its interface is simple, and users can't struggle to use it. Again, advanced features are only available in the paid version.

Wondershare PDFelement, on the other hand, is designed to offer more than annotation. It is a complete PDF package; you don't require a third-party tool to perform other PDF functions. It is fast, easy to use, and compatible with many devices. Its annotation features can meet most of your needs and offer uniformity and consistency.

Considering its pricing, ease of use, compatibility, collection of features, and several other metrics, PDFelement is, therefore, ideal for complex PDF tasks and where professional output is required.

Still doubtful about PDFelement? Watch the video below and discover the all-new PDFelement and its latest features.


PDF Annotator and PDFelement are both great PDF annotation tools. However, your choice depends on the task at hand. You are free to choose either of the software based on your needs. However, make the right decision to avoid getting unsatisfactory results/experiences.

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