How to Markup A PDF

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PDF files are one of the most popular forms of digital documents. They can be easily accessed across different hardware devices and software platforms. And with the right tools, you can perform most of the editing tasks associated with physical documents, including PDF markup to emphasize the important content. In this article, you can learn you how to markup PDF with the help of the best PDF markup software - Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor.

3 Steps about PDF Markup

Step 1. Load PDF to PDFelement

By default, PDFelement launches the Home screen where users can upload a document for editing. Select the "Open files" button at the bottom, choose the file you want to markup, and open it.

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Step 2. Markup Text in PDF

Once the document is loaded, click on the "Comment" tab to reveal more features. On the second submenu box, you will see multiple buttons with different functions, including Notes, Text addition, and the Highlight features. Choose the tool you need to markup your document with the correct PDF markup tool.

how to markup a pdf

Double click the markup, you can get a popup window to add the notes of the markup. Right-click the markup, you can set its "Properties" as you need, then click the "Use as default" button. When you add the same type of markup next time, you will get the same properties as you set, like the style, color, and others.

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Step 3. Save Your Document

Once you have marked up the text as needed, click the "File" button at the top and select "Save As" to save your changes permanently. Once the document is saved, you can apply further edits within the program if desired.

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PDFelement has become a popular choice for users seeking simple yet effective ways to handle their PDF documents. You can perform PDF text, image, and page editing and annotate at basic and advanced levels. With the OCR feature, even scanned PDF files can be easily edited. PDFelement lets you add sticky notes and comment boxes to your document, or use highlight and markup tools to put emphasis on specific sections.

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In addition to markups, PDFelement enables users to add security features to their PDF documents. Passwords, watermarks, redactions, and digital signatures are some of the security features that can be inserted using PDFelement. You can also convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and image files into PDF format and vice versa at the touch of a button.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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