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Quick Way to Add PDF Stamp

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With confidential PDF files, it's often necessary to have strict access to the document or protect it with certain security tools. When such a need arises, you can use PDF Stamps. A stamp can contain any content you'd like including an image, drawing, or text. A stamp is used to draw special attention to content in a PDF file. You can easily add a stamp to your PDF document with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor.

Part 1: How Does PDF Stamp Work?

PDF stamping can be quite helpful for users who want to clarify the status of a certain document present in the stream. If you are working in an office, several documents are circulated throughout departments. However, to label the document with important information that may act as a disclaimer for the reader, a PDF stamp gets quite handy.

In other cases, if you wish to have your documents approved by the head of your department, a PDF stamp can help you clarify the document's status or confidentiality level, which allows the reader to handle the document in a specific manner.

Part 2. How to Add Stamp to PDF on Windows

Step 1. Import Your PDF

Launch PDFelement on your computer. Open the PDF file you want to add a stamp to by clicking on the "Open files" button and selecting a file from your device.

pdf stamp

Step 2. Add a Stamp to PDF

Click on the "Comments" tab, and it will provide you with a range of options. Select "Stamp". If you want to select a stamp that has already been created, simply click the desired stamp, and drag it to the area where you want to place it. Release the mouse.

add stamp to pdf

Step 3. Create a Custom Stamp

If you choose "Custom Stamp" > "+ Create", then you can tailor-make your own stamp.

how to add stamp to pdf

A small window appears that requires you to enter the name you want to use for the stamp you are creating, and the image you want to use. You can select the image file from your own stored images. It could be a hand-written signature, picture, object, etc. Once you select the image you wish to use, upload it and click the "Ok" button. Then it will be stored as a stamp. Now you can go back to the Stamps tool and select the stamp you have just created.

create pdf stamp

Step 4. Manage PDF Stamp

Once you have created a customized stamp across your PDF document, you can also manage them once created. For that, proceed to the "Custom Stamp" option and select "Manage Stamp" from the drop-down menu.

manage pdf stamps

Now, you can create new custom stamps, edit pre-designed stamps, and delete stamps on the pop-up window.

edit pdf stamps

Step 5. Edit Stamp Identity

PDFelement also allows you to edit the information that appears across the digital stamps. For that, proceed to the “Custom Stamp” option and select “Edit Identity.” The next window allows you to edit the name, company, and department. Once done, tap “Ok” to conclude.

stamps in pdf

Tips: You can add a comment to a stamp by double-clicking on the stamp. A text box will appear next to the stamp, where you can add any comment you wish.

The best PDF stamper tool on the market is PDFelement. You can cut and paste, add or remove, edit text or images, and more. If you have a scanned PDF file, you can turn it into an editable format by simply using the OCR feature to turn it into a fully editable document.

PDFelement can convert Word, Excel, PPT, and HTML documents into PDF format. It can also convert PDF documents into other formats. In addition, you can fill out both interactive and non-interactive forms, create fillable forms and sign your form with electronic and digital signatures.

Part 3: How to Create Stamp in PDF on Mac

PDFelement for Mac is a progressive platform that allows you to add stamp to PDF without difficulty. The platform is quite expressive in providing exquisite tools to edit and manage PDF documents. If you are looking forward to creating a stamp in PDF using PDFelement, you need to look into the detailed steps as follows.

Step 1. Import PDF Document

You need to download and install PDFelement for Mac on your device. Launch and tap on “Open” to import the PDF document.

stamp tool

Step 2. Access Stamp Tool

After opening the document, tap on “Markup” on the menu at the top and then select the "Stamp" icon that displays to open a drop-down menu. The user is provided the option of creating a new stamp or importing an image as a stamp across the “Custom” section.

how to create stamp in pdf

Step 3. Create a New Stamp

On clicking the “Create” option, a new window opens on the screen. The user can type in the text of the stamp, set the color, shape, date, and time of the stamp. Tap “Done” to add the stamp.

pdf date stamp

Step 4. Import Image as a Stamp

Conversely, you can tap on the “Import” option to add an image as a stamp. After uploading the image, you can put the image as the right position as you desired, and you can find the image across the Custom section of the stamp option in PDFelement.

electronic stamp for pdf

Part 4: How to Add PDF Stamp for Free

Wondershare PDF Reader provides you with a premium option of adding PDF stamp across a PDF document with ease. This free PDF editor can add a PDF stamp without any difficulty. Look into the steps to understand how to add stamp to PDF using PDF Reader.

Step 1. Add PDF Document

Download and Install PDF Reader on your device. Launch the software and tap on “Open Files” to import the document on the platform.

pdf stamp tool

Step 2. Add Stamp to PDF

Access the "Comment" section from the top-most menu and select the “Stamp” icon on the provided menu to add a pre-designed stamp from the provided list.

insert stamp in pdf

Step 3. Design and Add a Custom Stamp

PDF Reader provides you the option of adding a custom stamp to your PDF file. Tap on the "Custom Stamp" button to create a new stamp. You can also manage these stamps and change the identity displayed across the digital stamps using the options across the menu.

how to put stamp on pdf

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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