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9 Most Frequently Asked Questions about PDF2WORD – PDF Converter Online

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While pdf2word converter is an easy-to-use tool that helps you convert PDF files to word documents and vice versa, there are still a few queries that users always encounter when using the same. To cut through the clutter and to save your time and effort, we have listed the 9 major frequently asked questions about this converter so you can use it hassle-free.

Pdf2word is a one-stop platform to cater to your PDF needs. This web-based tool can easily convert your portal documents (PDFs) to editable files in a matter of seconds. This online file converter works with almost all formats and gets the file conversion done in no time.

Are you still facing troubles? Fret not and scroll down the page to know the 9 most frequently asked questions about pdf2word online.

Q1: Where Can I Find the PDF2WORD Converting Tool?

There are numerous ways through which you find a pdf2word converter. A few of them are mentioned here for the readers' sake of convenience.

Method 1: Initiate a Google search for the Pdf2word keyword

The most common and easiest method to find the tool online is to initiate a search for the keyword "PDF2WORD" on Google or other search engines of your choice.

Thereafter, browse the SERPs and find the PDF2WORD page. Click on it and you are good to go.

Method 2: Enter the official URL

Don't have enough time to browse the SERPs? Save your time by entering the official URL of pdf2word converter "https://pdf2word.io/" on Google or other search engines, and directly visit the website.

enter the official url of pdf2word

Method 3: Click here https://pdf2word.io/

Yet another simplest method to access the pdf2word tool, click the link mentioned here and access the official website of the tool instantly. This link will redirect you to the home page of the pdf2word converter; thus eliminating the hassle of browsing search engine page results or entering the URL manually.

Q2: What Are the Main Features of PDF2WORD?

Pdf2word online is decked up with plenty of features that give this tool an edge over others. A Few of them is listed here.

  • Convert PDF to Word Documents Online

It is a web-based software that converts your PDFs to word files online, thus eliminating the need the space issue. The process will be carried out on their servers and hence, it won't affect your system's performance.

  • Word to PDF

It also allows users to convert their word files (doc and docx) to the Portable Document Format (PDF) online. The tool supports both DOC and DOCX.

  • Reduces the PDF Size

Wish to compress your PDF file? This Pdf2word converter also works as a PDF compressor and thus allows you to reduce the PDF size by up to 90%. However, the compression is based on the properties of the original PDF.

  • Split PDF

This PDF Splitter is capable of extracting the whole page range from the PDF in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is define a start and end page number and the tool will do the rest.

  • Merge PDF

This tool can easily merge multiple PDFs for free. Moreover, you can use pdf2word on any device, be it a smartphone, laptop, or iPad, based on your choice.

Q3: How Can I Convert My PDF Files to Word Format Which Is Editable?

Converting your PDF files to word documents by using a pdf2word tool is a three-step process. Follow the guidelines mentioned below and carry out the conversion easily.

Step 1Upload PDFs

First of all, launch the tool and add the PDF file to the interface.

You upload the file either by using the drag-and-drop approach or by clicking on the "Choose File" button, which will then redirect you to the folders where PDF files are located.

add a pdf file

Select the PDF file you wish to convert, click "Open" and the file will then be added to the tool instantly.

Step 2Convert the file

As soon as the file gets uploaded, the tool will automatically begin the conversion process and the entire process won't take any longer than 30 to 40 seconds.

You can check the progress of the process on the screen. Wait for a file until conversion gets finished.

Step 3Click Download

The "Download" button will appear on the screen once the tool is done converting your file.

download the converted document

Click on it and save the converted file to your system. Don't worry about privacy as your data will be removed from servers shortly after the conversion.

Q4: Can I Also Turn Word Doc into PDF Files with PDF2WORD And How?

Yes, definitely. Pdf2word converter can be used to convert word documents to PDF in just 30 seconds or less. Follow the steps mentioned below and carry out the process effortlessly.

Step 1Upload a Word document

First of all, you need to add the word document to the interface. For this, you can either use a drag-and-drop approach or by clicking on the "Choose a File" option.

add a word file

The option will then re-direct you to the location where the word document is stored. Tap on the Open button to upload the file.

Step 2Start Conversion

The document will automatically start converting to a PDF file and the progress will be displayed on the screen. It takes 30 seconds or less to complete the procedure.

check the progress
Step 3Download and Save

Once the file gets converted, you will see a Download button. Click on it and save the file on your system.

download and save

Q5: Is It Free to Use this PDF2WORD Tool?

Yes, absolutely. Pdf2word converter is available for free and you don't have to spend a single penny for anything, be it converting a file, compressing, or merging PDFs. The tool won't throw any last-minute surprise or hidden cost, so you can rest assured and use it without thinking twice.

The best thing is that you won't have to sign up either to carry out the process. Just launch the converter and commence the process on the go.

Q6: Is There a Limit on Using Times When I Convert PDF Files?

Fortunately, not. Unlike other free converters available on the market, pdf2word online tool doesn't apply any limits, neither on the file number nor on its size. It means that you can convert, compress, and merge any number of PDFs without having to worry about limitations.

While this converter also supports large PDFs, consisting of hundreds of pages or more, it might take a bit extra time to complete the process. All you have to do is hold your calm until the tool completes the desired action on your large files.

Q7: Can I Use PDF2WORD on My Phone?

Of course sure. You can use the pdf2word tool on almost all mobile devices, be it Android or iPhone. In addition, this web-based tool is compatible with all personal computers, whether it's Mac, Linux, or Windows.

Its excellent compatibility is something that makes this tool worth giving a try. Since the conversion is being carried out on the cloud servers, you don't have to worry about the space and performance of your mobile or PC.

Q8: Will My Files Uploaded Remain on Your Server? I Do Care about My Data Privacy and Security.

No, not at all. The best thing about the pdf2word converter is that it cares too much about your privacy; hence, assures that your files won't remain on the server for long.

They carry out the conversion safely and then remove all your added documents from the servers within 30 minutes after upload, thus ensuring the privacy of your data. In addition, they never look at your uploaded file or share it under any circumstances, making it the safest option for all.

Q9: Is There Any Alternative If I Skip PDF2WORD?

Yes. While the internet is packed with tons of options, we will definitely root for the best among all, which is none other than the Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. A one-stop solution for all your PDF needs, this tool is the quickest and the most convenient way to convert your portable documents into an editable word file.

Without a doubt, there can be no better alternative to PDF2WORD than Wondershare PDFelement. Want to know how you can make PDF editing PDFs easier forever? Check out the link below to learn about the best PDF editor.

In addition to the conversion, this tool is ideal for editing PDF files without putting in much effort. It is widely applauded for its excellent compatibility and works across desktop, web, and mobile. PDFelement boasts an intuitive interface that allows beginners and novices to use the tool easily and effortlessly.

What's more, this tool is extremely affordable and carries out all pdf-related functions without shelling out big bucks. Some of the features that make PDFelement worth giving a try are listed below.

  • Edit

This tool is best known for editing PDF files hassle-free. You can upload any text, image, or shape to your portable document.

  • Convert

It supports a variety of formats, so you can easily convert your PDFs to JPG, DOCX, XLSX, PNG, and more.

  • Organize

In addition to editing or converting, this tool is a go-to platform for performing other pdf-related actions, like compress, merge, rotate, and split.

  • OCR

Do you want to edit scanned PDFs? Wondershare PDFelement has got your back. It can easily recognize text from scanned files and make them editable.

  • Form

Filling in the PDF forms has never been so easy but PDFelement has done it for you. You can fill in the forms in pdf or create a pdf with checkboxes, images, and more.

That concludes with the most frequently asked questions about pdf2word. We hope our answers have helped you learn about the converter. Consider using this tool and handle your PDFs like a pro.