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How to Explain PDF Content and Code

PDFelement empowers you to effortlessly explain PDF content, including code snippets, enhancing clarity and collaboration. Follow these steps to effectively explain PDF content and code:

1. Explain Content

Access your target PDF file. Click the "AI" icon on the right side of the interface or choose "AI Sidebar" from the "AI Tools" button under the "Home" tab.

ai sidebar entry
AI sidebar entry

Select the "Explain" command to start explaining content. Enter the text you wish to explain.

ai sidebar explain content
AI sidebar explain content

Alternatively, for quick access, highlight the desired text in the PDF, click the "AI" button in the floating toolbar, and choose the "Explain" option.

ai floating bar explain content
AI floating bar explain content

Lumi AI reading assistant will promptly provide an explanation. Copy the explanation for future reference.

ai explain content result
AI explain content result

2. Explain Code

To explain code snippets, choose the "Explain Code" command. Enter the code snippets in the designated text box and send.

ai explain code
AI explain code

Lumi will elaborate on the code snippets, enhancing understanding.

ai explain code result
AI explain code result