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How to Edit Link in PDF

This function helps you to lead the readers to related pages or an intended webpage.


Step 1 Add link

1. Add link.

To add a link, please choose the "Edit>Add Link" button, then there are three options of link action you can select. After clicking one of them, position the cursor on the place you want to add the link, hold and drag your mouse button to draw a rectangle. It will pop up a dialog box for you to set the link action and appearance.

add link
Add Link


  • Link Type: You can select a visible or invisible rectangle.
  • Highlight Style: The effect when you click the rectangle link, there are three types: invert, push, and outline.
  • Color: The border color of the rectangle.
  • Link Thickness: The thickness of the four sides of the rectangle. The higher the value, the thicker of the sides.
  • Link Style: The style of the rectangle's border, there are three types of the border: solid, dashed, and underline.


  • Jump to a page view: After selecting the option “Go to a page view”, please click on the “Set Link” button which will bring up the following message. Follow the message to scroll through the pages in the work area, or in the thumbnail panel to select the target page. Once you have selected the target page, click the “Set Link” button to complete the action.
  • Open a web page: Designate the link to open a web page. Select this option to enter the URL of the destination web page.
  • Open a file: Designate the link to open another file on the computer. Select this option and click the button of "..." to browse the target file.

2. Edit link.

You can move, resize, delete and edit the link after you have created it. Click the "Edit>Edit All>Edit Link" button, drag the link to move to the desired position. Or drag the rectangle around the link to resize it. Alternatively, right-click the link you create to choose "Delete" or "Edit Link" to reset. After clicking the "Select" or "Hand" button, when you click the link in your file, it will execute the link to go to the target that you set.

edit link
Edit Link