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How to Rewrite PDF with AI

Lumi, the AI reading assistant, empowers you to effortlessly enhance your PDF documents by rewriting them for improved grammar, word choice, and more. Follow these steps to utilize the powerful AI-driven rewriting feature:

  • Open your PDF in PDFelement. Access the AI Sidebar by clicking the "AI" icon on the right or through the "AI Tools" button under the "Home" tab. Click the "Rewrite" command and input the text you want to improve.
rewrite text ai
Rewrite text AI
  • Click the send icon. Lumi will swiftly rewrite the text, presenting you with the enhanced version. You can easily copy the result and paste it into your current or new file.
ai rewrite text result
AI rewrite text result
  • For a quick rewrite of specific text within your current PDF file, highlight the desired portion. Click the "AI" button in the floating toolbar and select "Rewrite."
ai floating bar rewrite text
AI floating bar rewrite text
  • Lumi will promptly generate a rewritten version of the selected text. You can opt to replace the original text with it by clicking the replace icon or utilize the "Copy" icon to duplicate the enhanced version.
ai floating bar rewrite copy text
AI floating bar rewrite copy text