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How to view PDF with rulers & grids.

There are crucial times when you must put every piece of your content in the right place. With PDFelement, you can precisely arrange the texts and objects in your documents with PDF Ruler and PDF Grid. Set “View > Rulers&Grids” to show or hide rulers or grids.

  • Grid: When you click and turn on the “Grid” button, the grid will show up all over the PDF document. You can click the “Grid” button again to turn off this mode.
  • Ruler: Click on the “View > Rulers & Grids > Ruler” button, a horizontal and a vertical ruler will appear to help you evaluate size of the elements in your PDF files.
  • Guides: You can drag lines parallel to the rulers to any place in the page. To delete the guide lines, just select them and press the Delete key.
ruler and guides
Ruler and Guides