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Work Smarter with PDFelement User Guide

How to compare PDFs.

PDFelement's "Compare PDFs" feature allows you to easily identify and analyze the differences between two PDF documents.

  • Click on the "Compare PDFs" tab located on the homepage of PDFelement.
compare pdf button
  • In the popup File Comparison window, add the "Old File" and the "New File", and click "Compare."
add old and new files
  • PDFelement will compare the two PDFs by displaying them side by side. Any differences between the two PDFs will be highlighted, including deletions, insertions, and modifications, each marked with a different color.
pdf page compare results
  • You can navigate through the changes using the "Previous Change" and "Next Change" buttons, allowing you to review each modification individually.
navigate to changes
  • Additionally, you can use the Filter option to selectively view changes only on text or images, or choose to show or hide any changes as per your preference.
filter changes
  • PDFelement also provides a changes list and dashboard on the left file comparison pane, giving you an overview of all the modifications made between the two PDFs.
change list