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How to draw on a PDF.

Drawing tools allow you to add different graphic elements into your PDF, such as rectangles, polygons, ovals, and other images. It is useful when you need to use an image to bring attention to a section of your document.

draw on a PDF
Draw on a PDF
  • Rectangle rectangle: A proofreading symbol used to indicate where something is to be inserted in a line.
  • Oval oval: To draw an oval or a circle with pressing the Shift key.
  • Cloud cloud: To draw cloud shapes.
  • Polygon polygon: To draw a closed plane figure bounded by three or more line segments.
  • Connected Lines connected lines: To draw an open plan figure with three or more line segments.
  • Line line: To mark with a line.
  • Arrow arrow: To draw something, such as a direction symbol, that is similar to an arrow in form or function.
  • Pencil pencil: To draw free-form shapes.
  • Eraser eraser: To erase the pencil markups only, it cannot be used to erase other markings.