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How to Mark up a PDF

How to mark up a PDF with PDFelement? You can go to the "Comment" tab to find the text markup tools, you will see "Highlight", "Area Highlight", “Pencil", “Eraser", “Underline", and many other tools there for your quick access. Holding the Alt key, or holding the mouse button, allows you to select a region of text to work with.

annotate PDF
Annotate PDF
  • Highlight highlight: To mark important passages of text with a fluorescent marker as a means of memory retention or for later reference.
  • Area Highlight area highlight: To mark a certain area you like.
  • Underline underline: To draw a line under to indicate emphasis.
  • Strikeout strikeoute: To draw a line to cross out text, making others know the text is deleted.
  • Squiggly squiggly: To draw a squiggly line under.
  • Caret caret: A proofreading symbol used to indicate where something is to be inserted in a line.

If you want to change the color of the text markups, please select the markups you make, then right-click the highlight or underline to choose "Properties". In the right-side Properties panel, you can change the color and opacity in "Appearance" options.

change the color of the text markups
Change the color of the text markups