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How to change background in PDF.

With PDFelement, you can easily handle PDF editing related issues. For instance, how to change the background in PDF?

To add a new background, you can choose the "Edit>Background>Add Background" button. In the “Add Background” dialog box, there are two options of background type, including “Color” and “File”, and you choose one of them to set a template.

  • If you choose to set a color as the background, you can just click “Color” to set the background in the "Add Background" window. If you want to make an image or PDF file as the background, you need to click the "File" button in the "Add Background" window.
  • Click the "<>" button to set the appearance by choosing the rotation degree and the opacity. You also can choose to make the scale relative to the target page or not.
  • Choose the page range to display the background. You can select all pages or specify the page range. You can also add backgrounds in batches.
change PDF background
Change PDF background