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How to Open a PDF in Word 2017

2021-11-29 13:55:27 • Filed to: Knowledge of PDF • Proven solutions

As it is a known idea that both PDF and Word are highly professional document handlers. Both of these can be used to edit and reformat the written docs with ease. To open PDF in Word there are many specialized software programs in the market. These have been specifically designed to ensure that questions of the uses such as how to open PDF in Word are answered diligently. If a user wants to know that how to open PDF in Word 2016, then it is important that the related ideas that will be explained in the latter part of this tutorial are read to delve relatively deep into the subject.

How to Open PDF in Word 2017 Directly

Inserting or to open PDF in Word is a good idea and therefore it can be applied to get the work done easily. There is a process that is to be followed to ensure that the work is done with relative ease and satisfaction. Below are the steps that can be applied to get the conversion done. Each step has been embedded with screenshots and therefore it makes the application easier than ever:

Step 1. Insert PDF to Word

Within the word document follow the path i.e. "Insert" > "Object". In the object dialogue box click the tab i.e. create from file and then click "Browse".

attach pdf to word

Step 2. Open PDF in Word

Find the PDF file that is to be inserted and click "Insert" and the PDF is opened in Word successfully. If display as icon has been selected then the PDF will appear as an icon on the page. If it is left blank then the first page of the PDF will be displayed. This completes the process in full.

attach pdf to word

Disadvantages of this way to open PDF in Word directly:
There are many disadvantages of adding the PDF to word despite of the fact that the overall process is too easy to follow. It is therefore advised to take a look at the below points so that the idea is never applied. It is because it brings with it numerous disadvantages that will frustrate the users.

  • The formatting results are disaster and therefore this kind of insertion gets a negative effect that is totally not acceptable.
  • The PDF cannot be scanned completely and professionally if this is done. It is due to the fact that the scanner might skip pages. Above all the quality of the scan will not be up to the mark.
  • If the PDF is more than one page the word program does not insert it. In other words the large PDFs cannot be inserted with ease and satisfaction.
  • The object that is being inserted cannot be spanned. It is for the same reason that the word only shows the first page of the PDF that is being inserted.

How to Open PDF in Word 2016 with Better Results

PDFelement is the only tool that allows the users to get the best results to open PDF in word documents. It is highly professional and reliable software that has all the features that cannot be found elsewhere. With the professional tools embedded it is the only program which explains that how to open a PDF in Word 2016. Some of the features of the program are as follows. These features will also make sure that the user gets a program that is highly professional in this regard.

insert pdf into word
  • The user can open, save and can markup the PDFs
  • The graphical element and the changes that are related to them can be fully applied.
  • The password protection ensures that the converted PDFs cannot be accessed.
  • The PDF can be converted to word, image, HTML and text files
  • The PDF form creation has never been as easy as it is with this program
  • Complete page elements can be altered using this program. It includes the page number and bates number.
  • The digital signature as well as the approval can be added by this program
  • Using OCR the text within the images and scanned PDF files can be edited

The how to open PDF in Word question will be answered completely in this section. The readers will get an idea that what are the techniques within this awesome tool that can be applied for best results:

Step 1. Upload PDF for Opening in Word

Once PDFelement has been downloaded and installed it is to be run. The PDF is then to be opened in the PDFelement to begin the process. The path that can be followed in this regard is "Home" > "Open".

add pdf to word

Step 2. Convert PDF to Word for Opening

Once the PDF has been imported to the program the "To Word" option at the top is to be clicked so that the document is converted to word. Set the options by clicking the "Settings" button on the bottom of the window. Click on "Save" when you're done.

embed pdf in word

Step 3. Open PDF to Word after Conversion

Once the conversion has been completed the user can view the same file in the word 2016 and this also completes the process in full. This also concludes how to open PDF in Word with ease and professionally.

insert pdf into word free

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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