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5 Best PDF Highlighter Chrome Extensions

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2023-04-27 09:40:32 • Filed to: Knowledge of PDF Files • Proven solutions

If your best browser is Google Chrome, and you want to get the best out of your experiences with PDFs, then this is for you. PDF highlighter chrome is a great tool for you if you are one of those persons who view lots of Web Pages and need to annotate and highlight your work, some even give the option of converting your work to PDF for future use. This work has been curated to help you highlight PDFs in chrome majorly but this does not rule out the possibility of using these PDF tools on any other browser. This paper contains the 5 best PDF highlighter Chrome extensions and how they can be used to optimize our off experiences.

5 Best PDF Highlighter for Chrome

1. Kami

Kami can be used both as an extension and an app on chrome. Kami allows its users the ability to annotate and share documents using the drag and drop feature. Apart from this, this Chrome highlight PDF extension can be used not only on chrome but also on other popular browsers such as Firefox and internet explorer. Kami contains diverse other features; all you need to do to be able to highlight your PDF is simply to drop a file into Kami and be able to utilize these features. The highlighting features which Kami provides includes: adding comments to a different section of your PDF document; allows you to erase already existing drawings on your PDF which you do not want anymore; it allows you to draw on your PDF file; it allows you to export your PDF file to other applications and also print them; you can share your highlighted PDF file from Kami directly to others.

pdf highlighter chrome


  • It has a very simple user interface
  • It allows the use of the drag and drop option
  • It allows you to split documents or merge them with other documents


  • It doesn't provide for other PDF tools that have nothing to do with highlighting and annotations

Learn more about Kami >>

2. Xodo PDF Viewer And Editor

This is a PDF highlighter chrome extension that can be used both as a fully-featured app and as an extension on chrome. It is mostly used by persons because of how easy it is to use it together with the fact that it is totally free. Apart from the drag and drop feature it has, it allows for the importation of documents from either cloud or Google drive. It allows you to view your PDF, annotate, edit, and share your documents directly after you must have utilized the highlighting features. It allows you also to collaborate and save your PDF files. It contains diverse other features of annotations also contained in Kami. In addition, however, it allows users to strike through and underline phrases or words on PDF files. It allows you to sign on the document and does not give the PDF document and after the look of a scanned document if this is done.

highlight pdfs in chrome


  • It contains other features that provide for maximum utilization of your PDF file.
  • It can be used for free.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface


  • It does not allow for the utilization of features like collaboration and saving of your PDF file unless you open an account with xodo

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3. PDF Buddy

The key feature about PDF Buddy is that it makes viewing and editing of your PDF file very easy when compared to other PDF highlighter chrome extension. The features it provides and the manner in which it works are just like Microsoft word editor making it very easy to edit your PDF file in a number of ways. You can do virtually everything you can do on your Microsoft word using PDF Buddy. It allows users to pick colors for fonts and diverse paragraphs could have different colors highlighting it. It allows for the utilization of diverse styles and sizes for different fonts. You can also put your text in bold or italics. PDF Buddy has another remarkable feature to it in that it comes with a pen. This pen can be utilized to carry out the diverse highlighting to your PDF file. It allows for the addition of symbols and shapes (it comes with shapes from which you can make your choice) to your document. The shapes and symbols added to your PDF file can be customized in whatever manner you wish.

chrome highlight pdf


  • It can be used for free
  • It has the simplest user interface since it utilizes the Microsoft word features
  • It comes with tools such as shapes and symbols which can be added directly to the file.


  • Unless you have a free account on PDF Buddy you cannot add signatures and shapes.

Learn more about PDF Buddy >>

4. Hypothesis

Hypothesis is known more for its versatility. It is a PDF highlighter chrome extension that allows you to work both on your web page and PDFs. It is not as popular as the pre-listed PDF highlighter chrome extension but very useful nonetheless. Most persons who utilize hypothesis do so with WebPages. The app allows you to add notes to WebPages, fashion out replies in the app before they are sent out or utilized. It allows for users to organize their works while using the app and also add private and public annotations through collaboration with friends. Hypothesis helps in highlighting different texts.

pdf highlighter chrome extension


  • It can be used to highlight directly on a webpage
  • It can be used to fashion out replies


  • It is not very popular amongst users of PDF highlighter Chrome
  • It does not contain key features notable to PDF highlighter chrome
  • It does not have a simple user face.

Learn more about Hypothesis >>

5. Yawas Web Highlighter

Yawas web highlighter is mostly known for its provision of diverse colors to use in highlighting different PDF items. It contains the major features available on other PDF highlighter chrome. In making use of the color features in Yawas web, one is free to choose the colors one wants to use. Its features are mostly accessed from the context menu and they most often are used using the keyboard shortcuts available. It allows for the option of annotations, editing, and viewing of PDF files directly when it is being used. It is most useful when considering a conversion from one document to another.

pdf highlighter chrome


  • It is quite simple and straight-forward
  • It allows for a choice of colors for users while highlighting
  • It can be used for free


  • The use of keyboard shortcuts can make it very difficult to use in some cases
  • It does not allow for the use of modern features notable to other PDF highlighter chrome

Learn more about Yawas Web Highlighter >>

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