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PDFelement Recognized as a 2019 Top Rated Document Management System by TrustRadius

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: PDF Edit • Proven solutions

TrustRadius has awarded PDFelement as a Top Rated Document Management Systems for 2019

The 2019 awards for TrustRadius Top Rated Document Management System are highly prized and well regarded because they are based on real users and their candid reviews.

For Immediate Release - Oct 9, 2019: Prolific software development company Wondershare group announced today that its versatile and affordable PDF editor - Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor - has been named as a Top Rated Document Management System for 2019 by TrustRadius, one of the most respected user review sites for technology products. Every year, TrustRadius showcases the power of the "voice of the market" and grants an elite group of products a Top Rated award badge. For 2019, PDFelement was chosen as one of the fortunate recipients of this coveted award, which is free of any outside influence or other factors that may put a participant at a disadvantage or give it an undue advantage with respect to its competitors.

A spokesperson for Wondershare, the company behind the phenomenal success of PDFelement, said: "It humbles us that all our work and effort of many years has found huge validation in its users. We wish to thank our entire user base and the TrustRadius team for bestowing on us this highly cherished award for PDFelement as a Top Rated Document Management System for 2019. We promise to keep adding value to our product as you travel this road with us."

Top Rated Document Management Systems for 2019

Users on TrustRadius review all products in a non-biased and fair manner. The quote excerpts reproduced below from actual reviews of PDFelement on TrustRadius highlight the software's unique selling points:

On Usability - PDFelement Pro

"I am a novice PDF software user. This software is intuitive and very easy to navigate. I am discovering new features all the time and am having very little trouble learning how to use them. There are other, more experienced, users in my office making the switch to this software because of all that it can do! I highly recommend it for all levels of users."

"Our IT company recommended it for a good reason!"

- Amy Carter, Director of Instruction, Austin Learning Center - Read Full Review

On Functionality and Capability

"We use PDFelement to prepare PDF documents for our clients. Usually, to combine multiple files into one. Sometimes we have to edit the content of different PDFs before sending it out to our clients. I believe one of the business problems that we faced is the inability to edit the content of the PDFs. The free PDF software out there does not do a good job of helping you edit the content. For those who need to scan files and require OCR, this is also something we need."

"This is a great software if you need to edit content and also use OCR on scanned documents."

- - Eric Y, General Manager, Plantax Pacific Financial Inc. - Read Full Review

On Features and Pricing:

"It has a great electronic signature"

"Highlighting is easy and convenient"

"It's reasonably priced"

"***** *** is the alternative for me but much more expensive. It has more features but I don't need them. For a small business PDFelement's affordability makes it a cost effective option."

- roland goulet, Defense & Space - Read Full Review

On Editing, Forms, and Conversion

"...Then I looked for an alternative and decided to give PDFelement a try. I had tried other solutions and they fell short of what I needed to do. To my surprise, PDFelement did everything I needed to manage, edit and work in the pdf environment. The program had become my default pdf program on my Mac, but it is a bit heavy (which goes hand in hand with powerful). So to view a document I went back to Preview for this, but to do anything else I load it up on PDFelement for that to happen. I now use the program multiple times a day and love it."

"Document editing. Form generation. Resizing a document for sending it as an email. Conversion of the pdf to other formats. Countless other tasks - this program is great."

"I wish there was a lighter program for just reviewing a document and then to transition seamlessly to an editing mode. It takes a few seconds longer to load than Preview on my Mac, and based on that frustration, I use Preview to view documents."

- Thomas Myers, Vice President Of Marketing And Business Development, ACCENT Ventures - Read Full Review

Though relatively young and new to the market compared to many stalwarts in the document management systems industry, PDFelement has garnered an impressive score of 9.3 out of 10 from more than 80 reviews from users of different backgrounds. Professional editors, project managers, senior company executives, consultants, and even self-published authors have attested to the product's ease of use, affordability and versatile functionality, as well as its hefty arsenal of editing, security, form recognition, OCR, batch processing and conversion tools.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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