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The growing popularity of AI tools highlights their profound impact on efficiency, decision-making, and innovation across many applications. Thanks to their ever-evolving capabilities, these intelligent systems are reshaping industries by automating routine tasks, enabling the personalization of products and services, and providing powerful data analytics and prediction capabilities.

AI-driven editing platforms have assumed a pivotal role due to their multifaceted significance. Moreover, these platforms translate into substantial time savings, as AI algorithms can swiftly analyze and edit documents at a pace surpassing manual efforts. One such PDF editor AI tool in the market is Wondershares PDFelement. Providing many PDF-related tools, PDFelement is one, if not the best, choice for your document managing needs.

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  1. How To Choose the Right AI PDF Editor for You?

Part I. Top 5 AI PDF Editors

1. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor Powered by AI

Rating on G2: 4.5 / 5 stars - 584 reviews


Yearly Plan - $79.99

2-Year Plan - $109.99

Perpetual Plan - $129.99

  • PDFelement includes OCR technology, enabling users to convert scanned documents into editable and searchable text.
  • PDFelement provides a wide range of editing tools for working with PDF documents, allowing you to edit text, images, links, and more before or after the conversion.
  • PDFelement offers redaction features for sensitive information removal, ensuring data security and privacy.
  • You can convert multiple PDF files to text simultaneously, saving significant time when working with large documents.
  • The free version of PDFelement has limited features, and to access the full suite of capabilities, users need to purchase a subscription or a one-time license, which can be costly.

User Review:

A user review on G2 With the Convert PDF feature, you can convert PDF files into Word documents; it often comes in handy. It also has ocr feature, which helps us to quickly edit PDF files. You can also compress PDF files using this tool to reduce the size of PDF files; it is useful, especially when you scan documents and convert them as PDF files. Overall, it is a good, useful tool to have.

Advantages and Capabilities Provided by Wondershare PDFelement

Whether you need to edit text images or annotate your documents, PDFelement offers a comprehensive suite of editing features. Additionally, it excels in tasks such as form creation and management, making it invaluable for businesses and organizations that frequently work with forms. Considering this, users get some benefits when using this amazing platform.

Summarize, Proofread, Rewrite, and Explain PDFs

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a dependable PDF solution that simplifies documents by condensing essential information. It uses AI and natural language processing to understand text and extract key details, helping to summarize important content automatically.

AI Content Detector

PDFelement help you effortlessly bring in and open PDF files. After you've loaded your documents, PDFelement can extract the text from them and convert it into text that machines can read. PDFelement is integrated with an AI robot called Lumi that is powered by ChatGPT, which ensures your paper is plagiarism-free.

Chat with PDF

ChatGPT empowers the Let's Chat functionality within PDFelement, enabling users to engage with a conversational interface. Users can inquire, request specific details, or seek clarification through this chatbot. Lumi, the knowledgeable assistant, promptly delivers accurate responses to user queries.

Translate PDF

PDFelement allows users to accurately translate PDFs into over 100 languages and lets users instantly compare the original PDF with the translated version, enhancing reading efficiency.

Add Bookmarks to PDF

Adding bookmarks to PDF files is highly beneficial, particularly for technical documents, manuals, and eBooks. Once added, bookmarks make it easy to navigate specific sections of a PDF file. Here, we'll explain how to add bookmarks to PDF files on Windows using Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor.

2. PDFgear – PDF Editor Powered by AI

pdfgear ai pdf editor

Rating on G2: No Reviews To Date

Price: Free

  • For free, users can use PDF editing features online with PDFgear in a web browser. Regarded as one of the best online tools for editing PDF documents that allows users to add text, markup, comments, annotations, and fill out forms.
  • PDFgear allows users to edit PDFs, and it offers various online PDF tools for tasks like converting Word to PDF, extracting data to Excel, merging PDFs, compressing files, and more, simplifying your document tasks.
  • You won't be able to fully integrate into the software due to the lack of Android apps. There's an app for Windows, macOS, and iOS, but no app for Android. Additionally, there are no apps for Linux.

User Review:

No Reviews To Date

PDFgear is a great AI PDF editor for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it accessible to users of all levels of expertise. Secondly, PDFgear offers a wide range of powerful editing features, including text and image manipulation, annotations, and page management, ensuring you have the tools you need for comprehensive PDF editing.

3. LightPDF – AI PDF Editor

lightpdf ai pdf editor

Rating on G2: 4.6 / 5 stars - 11 reviews


Weekly Pass Plan - $13.99

Billed Monthly Plan - $19.99

Biled Annually Plan - $59.99

6 Years Plan - $149.99

  • LightPDF offers accurate answers with sources cited. Click on references/footnotes to find where the AI retrieved the information.
  • The chat with multiple files feature lets you upload multiple documents and work with them simultaneously. LightPDF can act as your AI assistant for document analysis and research tasks.
  • Users have limited control over the editing process, as the AI operates on preset algorithms. This lack of customization can be a disadvantage when dealing with specific formatting or document layout requirements.

User Review:

A user review on G2: With LightPDF, I can convert files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PNG, and JPG format to PDF and vice versa. This software makes unlocking, protection, compression, rotation, and PDF editing possible.

LightPDF is a strong contender as a PDF editing AI platform alternative for several reasons. The user-friendly interface ensures that beginners and experienced users can easily navigate and utilize its editing tools. Additionally, LightPDF's online platform eliminates the need for software installation, making it accessible from any device with an internet connection. This convenience and robust editing capabilities make LightPDF a reliable choice for digital PDF editing tasks.

4. Visual Paradigm Online PDF Editor

visual paradigm ai pdf editor

Rating on G2: 4.3 / 5 stars - 17 reviews


Free Plan - $0.00 /user/month, billed yearly

Starter Plan - $4.00 /user/month, billed yearly

Advance Plan - $9.00 /user/month, billed yearly

Combo Plan - $15.00 /user/month, billed yearly

  • Visual Paradigm Online PDF Editor allows for real-time collaboration, enabling multiple users to work on a document simultaneously and leave comments, which is beneficial for teamwork.
  • Since it's a web-based tool, you can access and use it from any device with an internet connection without installing software.
  • It lacks more advanced PDF editing features that are available in dedicated desktop PDF editors, such as advanced text manipulation, OCR, and complex page management.

User Review:

A user review on G2: Visual Paradigm is one of the practical and valuable platforms to make an all-in-one platform, and help to creates diagrams, PPTs, and words. Everything you need in one place is Visual Paradigm.

Visual Paradigm Online PDF Editor is a convenient tool for basic PDF editing tasks, especially if you value its user-friendly interface and online accessibility. However, for more advanced PDF editing needs, such as complex formatting, OCR, or in-depth document management, you might need to consider a dedicated desktop AI PDF text editor with broader feature sets like PDFelement.

5. Forma AI PDF Editor

forma ai pdf editor

Rating on G2: No Reviews To Date

Price: In-App purchases from $0.99 to $29.99

  • Forma provides custom watermarks to protect your intellectual property and the ability to hide or blur text or sections you don't want to reveal. Keep
  • Forma provides a variety of editing tools to enhance your documents. With the app, you can add stamps and signatures, even if you're out of the office or don't have a laptop.
  • As a standalone mobile application, Forma lacks advanced PDF editing features compared to desktop platforms like PDFelement.

User Review: No Reviews to Date

Forma offers a range of editing tools that enhance your documents. With this app, you can add stamps, photos, and signatures, even when you're on the go or without immediate access to a laptop. Additionally, it provides secure cloud storage, ensuring your files are accessible from any device at any time. Upload your forms and surveys; Forma will automatically fill them within seconds. Signing documents is also effortless—simply type or draw your signature directly within the app. It's worth noting, however, that Forma, being a mobile app, has limitations, making it most suitable for quick and on-the-spot PDF editing.

Part II. How To Choose the Right AI PDF Editor for You?

When picking an AI-powered PDF editor, several vital aspects must be considered to ensure it matches your individual requirements and preferences. Here is a compilation of essential considerations to remember when deciding on an AI PDF editor:

Text Recognition

Make sure the PDF editor can recognize and edit text in scanned documents or images using OCR technology, which is crucial for handling non-text PDFs.

AI-Powered Enhancements

Look for AI-driven features that improve PDF editing, like automatic content analysis, formatting suggestions, and smart document organization.

User-Friendly Interface

Check for an interface that's easy to use and navigate, especially if you're not tech-savvy, to ensure a smooth editing experience.

Editing Tools

Ensure the software offers a wide range of editing tools, including text and image editing, annotations, form creation, and efficient page management.

Hardware Compatibility

It's essential to confirm that the PDF editor is compatible with your specific operating system (such as Windows, macOS, or Linux) and the devices you plan to use, whether desktop or mobile.


AI PDF Editors are now the go-to choose for efficient PDF management, offering advanced features that streamline tasks and boost accuracy. Wondershare PDFelement is a standout option, with AI capabilities like robust OCR for scanned text recognition, content analysis, and intelligent formatting help. AI PDF Editors like Wondershare PDFelement are the best way to handle PDF-related tasks and document editing.

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