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Wondershare PDF Background Changer Review

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Wondeshare PDFelement is undoubtedly a complete PDF background changer that transforms how you interact with your PDF backgrounds. This program has every feature to make your PDF background top-grade and customized to meet your needs. The ease of use, amazing speed, affordability, and compatibility with virtually all devices make it a sure PDF background managing tool. Simply put, PDFelement gives you convenience, reliability, and efficiency within your budget.

Wondershare PDFelement Version 9 is the latest version of Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. This new version was released on July 14th, 2022, with more advanced features, visual upgrades, an optimized navigation bar, and enhanced performance. Compared to the older versions, Wondershare PDFelement Version 9 has a faster rendering speed when opening a PDF file and editing its background. To be precise, it is 45%+ faster compared to the older versions.

The large reading space and convenient view settings also take your reading experience to the top level. The updated interface is also great and ensures better usability and user experience. This version is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Part 1. Wondershare PDF Background Changer

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor provides a collection of top-grade background managing features. With PDFelement, you have a complete package of tools to manage your PDF backgrounds and meet your needs seamlessly. The good thing is that you can manage all types of PDFs, including scanned ones. Some of the key background managing features on PDFelement include:

1. Change/update Background

Wondershare PDF Background Changer allows you to change the original PDF background into a different one. The following steps illustrate how to change/update the background with PDFelement.

Step 1 Launch PDFelement on your computer and upload the target PDF file. Once uploaded, go to the toolbar and hit the "Edit" tab. Proceed to click the "Background" drop-down icon. From the displayed options, click the "Update Background" option.

pdf background change

Step 2 On the displayed "Background" window, choose your preferred PDF background options. You can change the type of PDF background (color or file), edit the page range, and adjust opacity and angles.

Step 3 When you complete selections, click the "Apply" button to update/change your background.

pdf background change settings

2. Add Background

Wondershare PDF Background Changer allows you to add a new background if your PDF does not have one. You can add color or image as your background and adjust settings to meet your needs. Again, you're free to selectively add backgrounds to different pages on your PDF file. However, one page can only have a single background. The following steps show how to add background to a PDF file using PDFelement.

Step 1 Open the target PDF with PDFelement. Once loaded, go to the "Edit" tab, then choose the "Background" option. From the options displayed, click "Add Background."

pdf background changer add background

Step 2 On the "Background" window, choose the type of background you want to add. If you choose a color as your background, click the "Color" tab in the "Background" window. Next, adjust the appearance by selecting the color, proportion of page, degree of rotation and opacity of the background color. Then, select the page range where you want the background to appear.

pdf background changer add background color

If you want to add a file as background, select the "File" tab in the "Background" window. Click the three dots to browse your computer to select a desired file as the background. The file can be PDF or image formats. Next, select the proportion of pages, rotation degree, opacity and page range as needed.

pdf background changer add image

Step 3 Once satisfied with your selections, click the "Apply" button.

3. Delete Background

With Wondershare PDF Background Changer, you can delete the existing PDF background with a single click.

Step 1 Open the target PDF file containing background with PDFelement. Go to the "Edit" tab on the toolbar, then click the "Background" drop-down button.

Step 2 From the options displayed, click the "Delete Background" option.

pdf background changer delete background

Step 3 The program will immediately display a pop-up prompting you to confirm whether you want to delete your PDF background. Please click "Yes" to confirm.

pdf background changer delete background yes

4. Add Background Template

With PDFelement, you can add backgrounds from templates. Depending on your preferences, you can choose whether to use preinstalled or custom templates.

Step 1 Open the PDF file with PDFelement. Proceed to the "Edit" tab, followed by the "Background" drop-down icon below it. From the options given, choose "Add from Template."

pdf background changer add template

Step 2 From the subsequent "Background" window, choose either from the available templates or hit "Custom" to add your custom template.

Step 3 When satisfied with your selections, click the "Apply" button.

pdf background changer custom template

5. Batch Manage Background

Wondershare PDF Background Changer lets you process the backgrounds of multiple PDFs at once. Therefore, if you want to add the same background to multiple files or delete their backgrounds, batch processing saves your time and energy. The batch process background is illustrated below.

Step 1 Run PDFelement on your computer to open the primary window. Click the "Batch Process" tab and then the "Background" option.

pdf background changer batch process

Step 2 Click the "Add Files" button and upload the multiple PDF files you want to manage their backgrounds.

Step 3 Select the desired option under the "Background" section with the PDF files now added. When satisfied, click "Apply" to batch add/update/remove backgrounds on your PDF files at once.

pdf background changer batch add files

Part 2. Pros and Cons of Wondershare PDF Background Changer

Wondershare PDFelement is a great PDF background changer. To get a crystal clear picture, let's discuss some of the pros and cons of PDFelement.


It allows users to manage backgrounds in all PDFs, including scanned PDF files.

It is super-fast and processes your PDF backgrounds in seconds.

This program supports batch background management and thus saves you both time and energy.

It provides a free trial version and an affordable premium version.

It is a complete package; users don't need a third-party tool to perform other PDF processing.

It is easy to download and install.

It has an intuitive interface, and newbies can navigate with ease.

This program allows users to customize their backgrounds and meet their needs easily.


You need to upgrade to the premium version to unlock an unmatchable experience.

Part 3. Editor's Opinion

Wondershare PDFelement is an excellent PDF editor. It is a good choice for all types and sizes of PDF tasks. This program makes you work with PDF files fascinating and full of fun. When you use it, you will realize the value of your money, and it is a great pick.

  • It has every feature you need from a modern PDF tool. If you want to manage your PDF background, you have a collection of PDF background features to produce the desired quality document. It also has other PDF features and hence no need for a third-party tool. You can edit, convert, protect, organize, compress, merge, annotate, print, and perform OCR on your PDF file with PDFelement.
  • Its interface is amazing. The icons are well-labeled and easy to locate. This makes your navigation easy, and you won't need an expert to help you. I found the installation process extremely easy. You just download it from the official Wondershare PDFelement page and install it with a few clicks on your computer. The good thing is that it is compatible with Windows, Mac, ios, and Android. This makes it more flexible, and you can use it anywhere with your mobile gadget.
  • In terms of pricing, Wondershare PDFelement is pocket-friendly. The yearly plan at $79.99 is the best deal considering the collection of features it comes with it. Again, you can renew or cancel the subscription anytime. Several other affordable plans include education, team & Business, bundles, and individual. You won't miss a suitable package for your needs and financial muscle.
  • PDFelement also provides a free trial version. This is great, especially when you want to try out its features. The only downside with the free version is the watermark that is automatically embedded in your output file. However, you can upgrade and get an output file without the watermark.

Part 4. Comparison

The following table compares PDFelement with some similar software.

Wondershare PDF Background Changer
Adobe Acrobat DC
Foxit PDF Editor
Add, change and delete PDF background
Background Template Users can choose predefined or add custom templates. X X
Batch Manage PDF background X
Processing Speed It offers a super-fast processing and rendering speed, especially with the latest Wondershare PDFelement 9 version. Fast. Struggles with larger files.
Price It has a free trial version and affordable premium versions at $79.99/year. There is no trial version. The premium version is pricey, ranging from $155.88/year to $191.88/year Better features are available with the premium version at $79.00/year.

Wondershare PDFelement is undoubtedly an outstanding PDF background changer. If you need the best experience within your budget, PDFelement ticks the boxes. Download PDFelement on your computer and transform how you manage your PDF background. You can download the free trial version and upgrade to the premium version.

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